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A level of comfort and play faster or were the backup quarterbacks helping him out by telegraphing their intentions with their eyes and just generally playing not good yet. It's food as say maybe it was a good bit of both. Maybe was. A little more comfortable. But also, I think when you look at the production, and you will something like play making EPA, which is basically expected points added for defensive players, which kinds of just takes into account the plays. They had a positive play. It's a little bit of a flawed way for via it's a little harder to accurately show defensive play making by expected points added. And when you look at that Ogle tree comes out, very well. Because of the point added he got from touchdowns, but some of those he was just in the right place right time, those deflections they fell into his hands and he scored so, but when you look at the things like he can control. That's that's where I I still have questions about whether he should be someone who holds up in the middle of that defense. Agreed. And then the giants did have a kind of rotation of linebackers who played beside him. When he was healthy. The starting middle linebacker or strong inside linebacker BJ Goodson personally, I like Goodson. But with Ogle tree being old tree. And having hit the athlete profile that he does as well. As being the kind of communicator leader on the defense that he is Goodson going to be the guy who comes off the field when they have to go into a sub package, which I which is almost a shame because I think he is actually the giant best all around linebacker. He doesn't have the range or athleticism that Ogle tree does. But he is he seems to be a more instinctive or I should say his play speed is faster. And he's definitely a better tackler. Neither one of those are very high bars. I and that's kind of the problem. The giants have a decent amount of resources. I invested in oak tree in the middle of that defense. So he's going to carry an eleven point seven five million dollar cap. It this year what they can do is again what they did last year is a take his guaranteed brasler bonus. And and restructured that and turned it into and restrictions the contract push some cap money down the line. But if you do that again that gives you basically another year guaranteed that algal tree is going to be on the team. So I'm not sure if you want to do that the giants would only save five hundred thousand dollars if they if they move on from Ogle tree that was one of the ramifications of the trade, he came with a big Catholic last year they had to restructure that to get under the cap and free up some space for other things they needed to do and they were in that win now mentality, and again, don't let Dave Gettleman tell you. He was not the Ogle trade and restructure was. Absolutely. A showcase. They were pushing money back into twenty thousand nine hundred and this might again push money into twenty twenty. So that's that's part of the problem. You have a lot of cap space in a player who is one now worthy of that. And at middle linebacker really replacement level at that position is so low A you can have some other guys like Zac Brown. Who's in Washington was much better linebacker than Ogle tree was a much better tackler was fined in coverage and he signed for like four million dollars. Maybe six a for a one year deal. So you could have had something else there that continues to be my problem with that Ogle trade. And we could probably do a and probably will at some point do a whole show. On just instances like that. From last year you there there. I don't use on. Okay. Let's let's move out to quarter now, which is probably the biggest place. The giants went for the quantity over quality strategy. Is they had generous Jenkins who was the big free.

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