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That and i love it because i first of all because i want to go there and make up literally jeanine at the care how you look ovoid i love it i i never need to make up again and then and then i love it not just for the reason that you said the problem solving which i find delicious like i'm always like we don't have time like our gonna get it done for toyota time i can't wait like i love it but also the thing that i like about it is that when you're an actor i mean i do enjoy acting you really are only responsible for caring for yourself kind of what you're gonna do your decisions. Your interactions your inner space. Maybe the other person of the scene. But when you're director you get to take care of everybody you get to encourage everybody and you get to like coach everyone and you get to hopefully empower them all to do great work and you know few. Let's do it. And i. That's i mean that's my default state is pupil pew. I am do remember the cartoons. Your your old like me. December remember the cartoon spike and that was the big bulldog and he had a little puppy friend and the puppy. What are you been. Hey totally take on like so stoked to be there. Yeah i'm like rockingham people like have you had breakfast burrito. Do get a and breakfast rio like flying. They're making them. When i love it. you know like not to put not to sound too pollyannish. But it's remarkable when a dream comes true. Because i i wanted to be a director and i worked very hard to get people to take mysterious right added. It's nice that it's finally starting to pick up some momentum so that that does that squeeze out like the other party your life you know like a social life does it squeeze it out and use it as and are you just okay with that for now. Do you think you'll be okay with that forever. You know. I'm okay with it for now because i feel like it's not permanent you know. Tv specifically is pretty all consuming if you go back to back but actually like. I'm literally about to do this film. And i'm like i. I feel like. I have to call my friends. You're not gonna see me again too late next year. Yeah you know what i mean like. I know it sucks that. I'm going away and bailing on you but like if i come see you. I'm not gonna turn in my homework for my movie. Which like there is nobody. I can turn to be like. It's that guys fall like it's all my fault all on you. It's all on me. So so yes. I do see that and like for example i left. La last november and didn't really.

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