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Okay Steve Okay. I'll give you that. but it's a great fucking episode. What did you think about the refrigerator moments and then finally going like? We're getting Kevin Garvey senior episode. I mean when the fridge opened up and Kevin Garvey senior was there. I assumed that she had blacked out and gone into some sort of dreams state. Oh, which which being lost could still we could still be in it right. Her. It's all. FRIGERATOR These are. Of Life the whole rest of the season. But I am enjoying Nora in Kevin. The amount that I, think the show hopes I am enjoying. Does that make sense I mean a lot. A Lot, yeah, it's just like every scene with them as adorable. She's completely unflappable on now. If feels like. I feel safe when she's onscreen. With him because he's starting to spin out of control, but she now even though he's kind of our protagonists in the one I feel like we're trained to follow She's become like the foundation. For my relationship with the show, yeah! She's the best. She's totally the best. No joke about it I won't even joke about it. What is this the leftovers? Man. It reminds a really well produced. Appreciate what goes..

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