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Ask me anything session, we've been doing in the Discord. This month, we're fortunate enough to have long coats of PC, cash game, crusher, live, or line after a phenomenal coach. He has a podcast that's phenomenal as well. All kinds of people in the poker world. He's had on. So yeah, let's have Brad Wilson. How are you doing buddy? Very kind. Brad, both of us have been on the CPG podcast and now the tables have turned. The turntables have turned, as they say. So for anyone out there who may not be familiar with this or if you know the deal, the way this will work is if you do have a question for Brad, feel free to go ahead and raise your hand. There should be a little hand feature there. If you want to raise your hand, come on stage, you can ask your question to Brad, or on stage or that we have a threat there. You can type it and then we'll kind of get this going. But to get it started in time as well. I generally ask, ask the coaches a question that I think may add some value to the community and whatnot as well. So Brad, question I would have for you is coming into the game, you know, someone who may play a lot of live online poker, you know, maybe going out to the series and you feel like you.

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