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That a few more times before all is said and done. Welcome, and it's brewers warm up a Labor Day edition of the program. My name is Matt. Paulie. Coming your way live from American family field. Where the Brewers are opening up a series today against the Philadelphia Phillies. Good pitching matchup brand would riff on the mound for the crew. What he's nine and seven with a 2.35 e R. A. Zack Wheeler is going to get the start for the Phillies today, right is 11 and nine with a 3.1 e Alright want to join us? You can do so. 85561616 28 5561616 20. That's the econet mortgage talking text line. You can tweet into the program as well, if you would like at Matt Paulie on air M A T t p A U l E Y on air I don't know about you. But I'm still fired up from yesterday. It's funny, so I was at home last night. It was 10. 30 11 o'clock. I had some work to do. I was I needed to get to bed. I had an early morning this morning as well. I had to get up around a little bit before six o'clock this morning to to get some stuff done before I could get out here to the ballpark, So I'm trying to get some work done last night. You know, the sooner I get my work done last night. The sooner I get to bed, the sooner I The more sleep I can get and sleep is a very valuable thing to somebody who covers baseball during the year, especially when you're doing back to back day games. My wife yelled, Yell at me! That's too strong award. My admonished. My wife brought attention to what I was doing. She heard in the office, The Kevin Holden Spanish language call. Of the walk off. I was It's 11 o'clock at night, and I was sitting there listening to the different play by play calls. I listen to you guys card. Listen to leverage. Call Valley Sports Wisconsin. I'd listen to the Cardinal TV call. I have not heard the Cardinal radio call yet. That's the only one that I have not heard. I need to go into The old MLB game Day audio and get the get the call from Cardinals radio. That's the only one I haven't heard. I'm sitting there watching the video and listening to the play by play clips over and over and over, and I love all of them so much you curs call was fantastic Leverage Call was fantastic. Holden's call was amazing. Even the cardinal TV call for totally different reasons was pretty incredible in its own, right, So that's that's how I spent my evening when I was when I was supposed to be working to try to get stuff done to position myself, but to get a little bit extra sleep. I'm sitting there listening to car. I don't think, um Don't think Kevin Holden has ever called me in our lives. We we've We've text many times, but I don't think we've ever I don't think he's ever called me and I don't even know I'm not great with technology. I'm good enough, but I don't even know how to change a ring tone, but I feel like I need to figure out How to change the ring tone and get the Kevin Holden Spanish language home run call as the ring tone and then tell Kevin he's got to call me all the time. Just so I can hear that call. I could. Yeah, so that's That's that's a plan. Oh, my gosh. Love the cost. Love it. Welcome to the program. I mean, that's just what This. What do you say? I feel here We are hours upon hours later, and I feel like it's still the postgame show from yesterday. That's one of those games that so memorable and so much fun. It just sticks with you. I walked into the ballpark today and it just felt like a continuation of yesterday when Daniel will go back hits that Grand slam. I can't tell you how much fun it was. To be sitting in the ballpark for that moment for that moment, That is a moment that you remember forever. It was so much fun and glad glad I was here for it, and hopefully many of you are here. There's a lot of people have seen on Twitter. People admit they left in the eighth inning. That's why you never leave the game. You never know what you might see. That's why you don't leave the gate. How much is that killing people Today? They left the game in the eighth inning and miss that if that's you, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry You did it to yourself. But I'm so sorry. 85561616 28 5561616 20, the AC unit mortgage talk and text line. You can tweet into the program as well at Matt Paulie on air M A T T p A U L E Y on air At some point in time we do have to talk about the next game. And that would be today's game is the Brewers welcome in the Philadelphia Phillies? We're back with more in a moment on WTMJ. Bob Bucher is.

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