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I think about September time everything was in place. And I told Benneton that I was leaving. The clearly would not we're not didn't see things as I saw them. Of course, it was a bit of a reaction of the panic and that got awkward for a few weeks. But then eventually they they recognize that there was no didn't in standing in my way, and they released me, and I went to fry. So that's how it how it happened. So when you were at Ferrari, I mean, well, let's Michael it already had the disappointment of Ninety-six. He won a few races. But ninety six ninety seven ninety eight nine thousand nine four may steers as far as you guys were concerned. How did you deal with the disappointment of that? And what what was the pressure light because for already hadn't won a championship since seventy nine with Scheckter? They hadn't anything at say is. I think we were second. I loses. A how did you first? Louis. But we how you finishing second. Was it? Even more powers gut wrenching on on reflection that probably funded the team more strongly together than the might've aminals saying we wouldn't have welcomed winning the championships. But I think it it pulled the team closer together. I mean, we, you know, we lost championships that trade last race of those those three is ninety seven ninety eight ninety nine ninety six say, I wasn't that involved. But ninety seven we modified John's car and at a run at it ninety eight we got we got very close ninety nine Michael break is like when he would have won the championship quite easily mean an almost one it and Michael was was on the road dominating on until the accident. So can I ask you a question about Eddie? How'd he won that championship in one thousand nine how would that have gone down within Ferrari, probably mixed if I'm honest because there was failing that Michael was the one who would have deserved it, quite clearly, but we would've taken it. And I think it was. Yeah. Big effort made to trying Eddie over the line on that. And yeah, he bit wobbly at the end the thing when the pressure really came on. He struggled Atlit is you know, we had we had a good car air. We were we were backing everywhere. We could make Asala gave up harassment ready Michael gave up a race wind ready when he came back. So it was every opportunity ready to make it. I think deep down everyone thought Michael was wanted deserved it. But we wouldn't have said, no. Because you never do. We won the constructors that. Yeah. Which was. Yeah. For teams is an important thing, but fell a little bit of a consolation prize. Can you just describe what the sense of relief that you had at the end of two thousand went finally it? Oh came together. Yeah. I think that's why they you know, you can look back. On it. Now with a sort of rose tinted spectacles and say have great two thousand watts because we were so painful, so painful in in the three previous years, you know, it was it was stunning for us to win in two thousand and it was a strong championship. I mean, we had to fight incredibly hard in two thousand to win. It wasn't a cruise. That's for sure. And. Yeah. I think it was Japan was that we sailed it. And remember we were it was all the race strategy involved. We racing with mak- and. We have. The first enjoyable and stressful thing in that period was on the pit while you very involved in the race. You know, you you could make a race very easily you needed the driver to to deliver for sure. And that was one of the things Michael was great at. But you could screw the race. If you got it wrong. And so. Yeah. You're mapping out. What you saw on? I think we made some good strategic decisions in that race. And I remember the last pit stop where Michael came out in front of me. And the there was we had to get it to the end..

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