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Seven 445 stand your up next dan what's up well uh i got an interesting perspective i wish you too we should stop wishes stop playing the national anthem all games maybe super bowl arnaldo good it short is kind of a sacred thing not not at a religious sand visit british patriarchy shake repairs them and in a in a maybe we should play up to the ballgame biko's healer with all game could be football basketball could be at all ball surely war it wouldn't work per hockey no two of the plot yes how 'bout for the for when they lay the rate of america where they announced augur for the order your fought are following brethren live veteran for the following brethren who drove back two haitian or something i mean eh daniel or doesn't necessarily have to be there but you know what i mean it's not it's like it cheaper shit uh two may have it played to have the national them pipe bravery i think maybe put the super bowl because a whole nation you know everybody's awami man that that could be that's that's okay for the national anthem fit every single but all game airtel added a red so basically you're you seeing it doesn't it it loses some of the impact i've actually thought about that before the new it's it's it's almost routine now but what what makes it not routine and thing about this for a moment it would be routine verbais is still sitting in their seats eating popcorn and talking and all that kind of stuff and they're all the planes starspangled elegant always been essentially more but what makes it special every time is that everybody stopped what they're doing they stop talking they stand up they remove their head and for about a minute and a half we're all americans again and i think that's a beautiful thing that's the whole idea you're this notion that you should be forced to stand up unwanted remnant trying to start anything but i can't believe this is that hasn't happened already the people aren't taking a knee in the stands you know what i'm saying that are supporting these players that the which you haven't seen that yet so apparently they're on a whole lot of folks in the stands who were supporting the players taking a me or you start seeing people in the stands taking a me i haven't seen that yet i'm not.

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