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Responsibly. It's 5 O 8. Michael and sons peting tune up for only $69. Traffic and weather on the 8s now in Jack Taylor still a little bit wet on the roads this morning. Wet and foggy, so to be real careful certain areas you've got limited visibility, others at his wide open, but just remember if you get into the thick stuff, make sure you are on the low beams right now. You are going to find one issue Maryland toward the district. This is going to be the Baltimore Washington Parkway going south down toward New York avenue. The crash had been along the left side of the roadway with all the equipment that arrived. You need to get by single file far right side. There's an early delay, beltway topside outer loop in Maryland, coming around from coalsville road. There's a wreck just before George avenue. Sounds like they just pushed everything onto the right shoulder. We've got a wreck down in loafy in northbound route four near lower pindell road. That crash along the right side of the roadway could be one westbound route 100 on the ramp to a runda mills boulevard, and they have slid off the roadway. That's a reported crash. Just take it easy. For now, you're okay two 70 south coming out of Frederick and down toward the lane divide. You're in good shape on 50 between northeast and the bay bridge. Watch on four 50 near two O two, lanes there had been blocked earlier with police activity, be very careful. Now we've got a jackknife tractor trailer, trouble in Virginia. It's on the fairfax county Parkway northbound up near Braddock road, follow police direction. There was an earlier issue down in dumfries on 95 north, the ramp to two 34 had been blocked with a crash can not see this one in camera, so unclear if that's still there. 66 looking better coming back east found into centerville the work should be clearing for the left side of the roadway. West on 66 after 29 centerville, that works on had been in place through the overnight with just the left lane getting by to be careful if that's still there. Jack Taylor WTO P traffic. And the forecast now here's Mike stina. We have a warm front lifting through the area and we're going to see some scattered showers and drizzle this morning. Also watch out for some patchy fog, fairly

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