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So just like or do we just making no room a hot weeding out ththey really takes like a fucking where booth stoker out of the fire that is still going to give you a third degree burns you thought were not as vicky the room ninety degrees would you fucking put burning hot metal on his skin gold that's going to be there forever that doesn't go out with the smoke by i love i love the small wants it is getting the hell out of town through though it's nothing worse than being hot air land in japan and you're all through warranties were like kill yourself at that moment i'd like you know what i'm trying to take over the world and kill humans but i'm out of here what i asked him a little too on to realize that you could see smoke out the smoke months leading they've known it's been a virus for like four three or four episodes like there are hundreds like i would have had to make it really hot in liaoyang yeah get rid of the let me let me get so comfy yeah so that that was a cool seen would like the basically in a whole exercises them up at all um and that allows them to to the go to the jibe regina wall another one another regina wall and that's where we see l and this is why the episode whether you'd like it or don't like it the law sister episode is necessary because the only reason that l king close off fucking magic portal wall is because she learned how to unleash our anger and and move major things i'm not talking about pop and coke cans anymore we're talking about moving trains and closing magical walls so addo's awesome is the great scene she's floating and hoppers picking off the demagogy deva dogs with the with the gun and it was just like data and daughter just save enough fucking with world so far so mad asks is that the eyes of the devil is run on the wall and heard when she there's that look where it's just like.

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