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Checkout. That is 25% off anything you order when you use promo code BS at liquid IV dot com experience better hydration today. At liquidity dot com from a code BS. All right, Danny high Fitz is here in Craig world Beck is here from the ringer fantasy show, which is called the ringer draft show. It's got like two identities. Yeah, moonlights is a draft show. We're gonna play a game. We're trying to do this in 20 minutes or less. Let's see if we can pull it off. We're gonna do a game. All the running backs receivers and tight ends. What we think their value is as assets. So this is like a cousin of a trade barrier game. The reason we're doing this is because debo Samuel is available. And producer Steve Surrey was like, where does he rank? How important is it that deebo Samuel is available? So let's start with deebo and then we'll play the game. How important is debo Samuel to you? Is he worth two first round picks? The price, the price for tyrique, the price for devonta Adams, it's like floating between like a first and a second. Other guys like Jamal Adams is worth two first rounders. Does he wear two first rounders to you? I think the tricky thing is that it's so hard to divorce him from Shanahan and the forty-niners in my mind. I feel like to the forty-niners, yes, kind of, because we just watched the playoffs and debo was, he made me feel like I was watching the past the football in the future at the same moment. I feel like it's like Jim Thorpe or something. Someone playing every position at once, but also really I think debo, it reminded me actually of like Joel embiid, the 7 footer who's knocking down three pointers at the end of the game. It's like, how do you guard him? Who do you put on him? Doesn't matter what you do you're wrong. That's what deebo is, where you treat them like a running back, will they shift them out to receive? You treat them like a receiver, shift them in. He changes everything for defense. I just don't know if he's going to stay on the field. That's my concern. It's mine as well. What do you think, Craig? Yeah, I think there's some Shanahan cockiness to this where he's like, I can do this with anybody. So I don't need to pay you $25 million a year depot. I can draft treylon Burks and do it again. He had ten receiving touchdowns in his entire career. In 11 rushing touchdowns is an entire career. So 21 total, he missed some games in 2020. Last year is healthy, but took a lot of hits. You know, when you think about when you watch certain athletes, I remember Earl Campbell was.

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