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I'm so excited to introduce you to another brilliant brown girl abroad before i do that. I want to quickly acknowledge that this month is african american music appreciation. It was designated by president. Jimmy carter in nineteen seventy nine as black music month however it wasn't until twenty one years later in two thousand when it became an official presidential proclamation in two thousand nine president. Barack obama updated the name to african american music appreciation month. Now we know that african americans have made countless contributions throughout every industry and built the us as we know it today. I hope you have had a chance to celebrate some of our black artists. I personally love. These are mb in so many different genres of christian music. But i have to celebrate docile because there is something about the way it hits your soul there too many artists for me to try to name. But since this is brownsville ratings podcast. I will shout out some black female artists who i enjoy. Anyone who knows me knows. I love brandy norwood who goes simply by brandy. India are- is also one of my favorites. I remember saving my lunch. Money to buy her first cd titled acoustic soul. When i was in high school. I have been inspired by all of her albums. And she also has a podcast called conversation where she shares the stories behind many of her songs. I also want to celebrate. Anita baker. Joe scott erykah. Badu mc. Light queen latifah. Suv tlc in vogue. Destiny's child now. When i say destiny's child i do need to clarify that. I enjoyed both iterations of the group. So i celebrate the original composition which was beyond say kelly rowland letoya luckett and letaba roberson and the updated version when they were a trio and they added michelle williams. I want to honor. Stop pepa lauryn. Hill chuck con diana. Ross mary j. blige shinichi. Who sings one of my favorite songs of all time called. I love your smile. I did a special bonus episode back in september. Twenty twenty where. My friends in is celebrated one of the best versus battle of last year with gladys knight patti labelle. Who are simply queens and icons so you can go check out that episode. It's called paralyzed by excellent. A masterclass in sisterhood. Last week i stumbled upon a vinyl record store. And i found whitney houston's first album when she looked so regal on the cover with her slicked back hair. I also found an aretha franklin album a few years ago. When i was in san francisco i came upon treasurer. I found a janet jackson vinyl record. That has beautiful eighties artwork. I also enjoy a newer artists like her and sisters chloe and halle and i also want to just make sure to acknowledge fiancee. Who is so innovative. I was inspired by. The black is keen. Cinematic experience in the music is stunning now. For christian and gospel artist. I want to make sure to honor. Yolanda adams winans. The clark sisters. Kierra sheard mary. Mary tasha cobbs and kim burrell. There are newer christian female artists like dough jones and naomi rain who are so incredibly anointed. Additionally there are multiple male christian artists who have bless me and had a strong impact on my life. Like fred hammond israel and new breed. Jonathan mcreynolds take six travis green kirk franklin jason nelson and williams mcdowell who also happens to be my pastor. There is so much amazing music black artists and again. This is just a short list. But i wanted to make sure to highlight the special month because this music helps scored the soundtrack of our lives. I mentioned this on the previous episode. But i want to share again that there is an official museum of african american music. That recently opened in my hometown nashville. Tennessee it is incredible. I encourage everyone to explore it. Lastly and celebrating our culture. I would be remiss. If i didn't acknowledge that juneteenth is now officially recognized federal holiday it commemorates june nineteen eighteen sixty five two years after the proclamation when slaves in galveston texas found out. They were free. I did not learn about the holiday until i was an adult but once i found out its significance. I officially adopted as my independence day. I think it is important that this holiday is recognized because it helps to keep the impacts of slavery at the forefront of the american conversation. But i think that overall it is a symbolic action and it does not actually address the systematic issues in america around. So i'm praying that. In addition to a holiday we will see additional legislation. passed that helps to address voter. Suppression police brutality. An economic disparities in black and brown communities amongst other things that we need to see changed and improved in america. This leads me to the conversation with my guess for today the curry dickerson who is not only and insightful. Inexperienced brown girl.

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