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Cy young award and mvp so the pitchers for both squads. Johnny mcclain's the tigers and gives him from the cards and nineteen sixty eight. Both hat were the. Mvp's answering award winners of their. Respective leagues mclean one. Thirty one games bob. Gibson had the lows erased any season majorly history. Clearly those something special. i mean. that's just incredible so then the car it's also had On the bump. Nellie brawls steve carlton who was a young man at that point. But it's clearly also another future hall. Famer ray washburn and larry gesture and mike taurus to who was Hoop i think gave up. One of the home runs to reggie jackson in nineteen. Seventy seven world series. Yes that's right so that was also pretty great answ. yeah. I don't know how he ended up let subject but there we go so anyway earned run average so the leaders in era are jacob. Degrom was injured. Made if we start with single way through hundred miles an hour day as erase afar zero point six eight. He is just incredible. I know i have short career but he might hall at this rate. Brennan woodruff has era of one point. Five eight excellent. Kevin gassman era of one point six six. John means writing the high from his no hitter era of one point seven zero and trevor rogers one half of twin group as era of one point seven four and mark melanson off the of the padres has fifteen saves which puts them on track for sixty six so trivia question. What is caesar record for saves and who owns it. A troy percival be mariano rivera. See kanter kobe or d. Just rodriguez let me know but leading leeann saves is mark melanson. Second is algeria's let's has fifteen which more pla by four sixty that quick math. Jake mcgee is third with eleven and the former dime bag. Ian kennedy has eleven so good for them all good for them. That's enough stats isn't it. You're thinking graham. I'm i don't care about this. Let's talk about something else. All right fair enough about scores from things..

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