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Nice quick one in queens, two hours and ten minutes where the Mets blanked the reds one to nothing, and it was the Noah Syndergaard show a complete game four hitter. He also homered for the second time this year. So he did on the mound and at the plate top of the eighth right now. It's the Padres with an eleven to two lead over the Braves and also right now bottom of third Milwaukee Brewers trying to come back after spotting the rocky seven it is now seven to three again in the bottom of the third top of the fifth in Minnesota the twins lead the Astros vice score of seven to one. Alex bregman has six home run of the season for Houston. Jason Castro his third for the Astros. For the twins Tampa Bay and Kansas City are scoreless in the top half of the second any age is recovering after suffering a mild heart attack in Milwaukee on Tuesday, the sixty year old Celtics president is expected to return to Boston soon and make a full recovery. I'm rich Ackerman DA here. Tomorrow morning NBA insider, Chris Mannix on the playoffs the DA show, not eastern six Pacific. Nuggets blazers king three Friday at eight on Xtra sports thirteen hundred. That farmers insurance. We know every windshield collision has unique sound beetle. Boop drone.

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