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Then there's a bear and i'm feeling the bear and all that kind of stuff so but it's exactly the same circuitry that they have because this is a very fundamental circuitry that is burned into the system and it doesn't care whether your eyes are working or not because it's it's more it's deeper than that and has working on this as his changed the way you reflect on your own dreams at all you know. I've always actually felt that dreams are not terribly meaningful like my own. I wake up. i. I've always described this. As sort of sticking your head in the night blender each night. And i kinda hate hatred. But now i have a deeper appreciation for why i'm going through that night blender because if not i would wake up and my visual system would be really disadvantaged. It would be taken over in large part by hearing and by touch especially in the later portions of the book. You you get into memories and even identity and there's there's a lot that really seems to resonate with the state of the world right now. how do you feel. this book. speaks to the the twenty twenty reader. Yeah i think there. I think there are many ways. I'll mention to one is actually. Let me start with this optimistic. One which is as lousy as twenty twenty has been for everybody. This is a year where there's serious spikes for everybody in stressing zaidi depression. It's just there's all kinds of stuff. But i will mention one tiny silver lining of this is that from the point of view of brain plasticity. We've all been kicked off of our hamster wheels and we're all being forced to rethink many things that we never thought about before so i mentioned before that our brain is locked in silence darkness. It's trying to make an internal model of the world out there and we all pretty much had that in two thousand nine hundred and we said okay. I get how the world works. I get how things operate how people respond how to get toilet paper how to get food in my fridge stuff like that and all of a sudden everything changed and from the point of view brain..

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