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The humming again as it caused a cooler appear in new york and the president of we'll be back down there again pretty frequently um you covered money during the obama era and you're curry money and influence now during the trump era can you compare what it's been like to cover both of those eras uh you know it's interesting in the obama era uh certainly we saw the flourishing of this big money culture began with republicans democrats caught up and tried to match them uh and the you know a lot of obviously came out of court decisions like citizens united canada unleashed big donors in a big way and you know up until oh 2016 there were just huge amounts of money flowing the american politics and where we haven't seen in a long time what's weird indifferent about the trump era is is not clear to me yet how money is important or where it's important basan alabama mitch mcconnell on his allies spent millions of dollars today defeat roy more and more one easily we saw that president trump did not have a a huge amount of money to spend relative to president clinton it did not matter he eked out a win in the electoral college and f as an offer of these us i would say that i think we're beginning to see these signs of a real faye shift where elections are driven more and more by social media and digital advertising uh people don't trust tv ads.

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