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5th of the year, happy May Day for those of you who celebrate. Welcome in on this glorious Monday, we thank you for being here. The draft is over. There's still plenty of conversation about that. And so many other things as we get started. A month from now, we will find out what things look like in the SEC. What are we talking about? That will be the final day of Destin, hard to believe. The SEC spring meetings down there and they'll figure it out finally. Something tells me they already have. They just haven't told us yet. And the draft, we thought it was going to be all about Alabama, three of the first 12. We thought wrong. Second year in a row, a lot of Georgia players taken. So this comes as a shock, the SEC had the most players taken for the 197th straight year. 62 in all 17 straight that the league has led all conferences and draft picks, ten players each from Alabama and Georgia. That's more than some conferences this decade. How about that, Georgia defense, one of the best ever? A couple of years ago, remember? Well, last year wasn't bad either. These are the 22 picks, walker Davis, walker Wyatt. Sounds like a law firm, doesn't it? Let's go to the next year. This is 23, of course. Names, a little bit different. But the prowess still the same. Jalen, going 9 after all that conversation, no one Smith, Ringo, Smith, and Beale. Let's welcome for the first time in a couple of days. Mike Griffith to our program here, my good to see you. Thank you very much. And let's talk about it. What were your takeaways from the drafts, especially in regard to Georgia? Yeah. I mean, no surprises there. I didn't think with Jalen Carter and Nolan Smith going in the first round. A little surprise that keighley Ringo fellows Lowe as he did, but, you know, you saw the headline, Paul, and you know, it was a lot of things we talked about on our dog nation crews, you know, Georgia fans after the seasons. Now they go on cruise ships to continue to talk football and we had over a 150 fans on there and all they wanted to talk about was Georgia football and what Paul find bombs really like. And I said, no, this is it. This is it. This is who he really is. But no, yeah, Georgia football dominating the draft again. And to your point, Alabama with so many draft picks, you know, you would think if you had that many first round picks that you'd win your own division at least. And because I'm still trying to figure out the parameters for this best coach thing. On the one hand, they say, oh no, no, it's not how many draft picks you had, you know, George had a record 15 last year. It's what you do with your talent. Okay, so exactly what did Nick Saban do with right with bright? I don't see it, right? To me, this is more evidence of what I said on the last show about Kirby smart taking over college football. Just it appears pretty evident to me and I think that the case is pretty much been settled by this last draft. Yeah, Mike, I wanted to ask you about that because you were the first one to say it, but it seems like a few people are following suit. I mean, I'm hearing more and more chatter. It's couched. It's nuance, but there are still some of this, maybe the dynamics have changed. So explain how do you think that happened, though, because I mean, they're both similarly putting players into the draft. They both have great players. What has been the difference in your mind? Continuity, you know? Nick Saban's got revolving door coordinators and players that come in and out. Some of their successful some aren't. So successful. And Kirby solved the modern day football puzzle for now, at least. I mean, we don't know what curveballs are next. I mean, he's the only coach to win back to back championships during the college football playoff era. But to your point, you know, people are slow to change. You know, people don't want to admit that they need to change their opinions. And we all get comfortable with these notions. I mean, forever and ever, Kentucky basketball was the thing, right? And I don't know what it's been a ten 11 years since caliper he wanted to. But you know what I'm talking about. People get comfortable with the notion. Oh, Kentucky and basketball and Alabama football and that's just what Florida and the SEC east and football. And people get comfortable and that keeps the globe rotating. And then changes occur and people are kind of slow to accept. And slow to maybe admit they're wrong. And I understand that. I've been wrong before. I'll admit it when I'm wrong. I have no problem with that. Part of being a smart person is being willing to admit when you're wrong about something. And I think maybe Alabama fans know that they see this draft. They can sit back and go, yeah, Nick Saban really didn't do a good job with all this talent that he had last season. There seemed to be an irony though I thought Mike on the day that Bryce young went number one overall Sabin gets a commitment from Tyler, not a commitment, but assigning from Tyler Buckner of Notre-Dame. Nobody knows what he's going to turn out. We do know what he's been so far. What did that say to you? It says, Hail Mary, says that what he's got on his roster is not good enough. And listen, just full disclosure here, Paul, I voted for Bryce young for the Heisman Trophy this year. He wasn't even a finalist. A lot of people, you know, for whatever reason, I guess if your team doesn't make the playoff, the team, people don't think you can vote a guy for the Heisman. I thought Bryce young was the best player in college football the last two years and so does that mean I was wrong because he wasn't a finalist. No, I just, you know, to your point though, you know, Alabama scrambling. You know, they're scrambling right now. They need to find a quarterback and I think George has got some questions too now. You know, last year, we knew who was up next in certain positions. This year, it's kind of like, well, they'll find somebody. Like we knew at Georgia that Jalen Carter was coming back. We knew that Nolan Smith was coming back. We knew that stetson Bennett was coming back. And those are really key positions, key cogs. We knew that Broderick Jones was a little win there from the football shop. You sure that was wind or maybe legend he's trying to come at you because of some of the comments you're making. Yeah, we knew all those players were coming back in Alabama. There's questions. I mean, we knew Bryce young was on den. After Jalen hurts and tua. And now there's questions at them and there's questions in Georgia. So could the door possibly be open for a guy like Brian Kelly, who has two quarterbacks coming back and really took the league by storm last year. Yeah, I think that's really the question. If you look at it pragmatically, yeah, Saban has some issues, but unless somebody comes and yanks it away from him within that division, at least for this year, but not again, you know, he's got a shot at getting to Atlanta and rolling the dice. Yeah, yeah, it's good to know Alabama's got a shot. I would agree with you there, you know? I'm not going to count them out to your point.

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