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Our coverage starts at six thirty tonight. All right. Let's get the three and L. Let's keep that momentum rolling as they celebrate the opening of Pfizer forum. Good stuff in there. A bunch of times loved the place. Can't wait to see a bucks game. They're hints Peter Fagin. Just kidding. We're talking about either as versus Walker. What that race looks like what are the issues? I kinda run through the issues that we're talking about an debates. It's an interesting race for a lot of reasons because it shows at least if you believe the latest MU law school poll that it's neck and neck. I think walkers was forty seven forty six. Let's go to Jim on the northwest side. You're on WTMJ. Good morning. Jim morning. What do you think? I quit. My question is if we have a surplus, and I applaud the governor forgetting a surplus. Why aren't we using that money towards the road? Good question. I think we should at least some of it. There's a reason why you have a rainy day fund. You should never exhaust a completely because Dr things that can happen. You have you have a budget shortfall you need to plug it the plug that hole. But if you have surpluses one of the things you can do with those somebody used to run a much smaller budget is is fixed the things that need fixing. And that's one of the biggest liabilities for governor. Scott Walker is the roads. Clearly, and I don't I don't know why we wouldn't use some of that surplus the fund some of those projects makes the call from Jim. Let's go to rich in Waterloo. You're on WTMJ morning, rich. Good morning. How are you? Good. What do you think? Well, I'm just wanted to call in comment about the the comment about that. Referendum. In the Tony birds, actually leave the reason there's been so many school referendums just to cover basic operating caused because of the massive cuts that have been made an education by Walker during the time at the legislator fist both came out. With report that indicated that from two thousand eleven to two thousand nineteen actual spending on schools public schools in the state of Wisconsin has gone down by by six percents. That includes the amount that Walker claims to be a record and Beth how can you make a record and that's been at school. And also have that spending. Go down by six percent, Richard. Gotta let let you go because I got to go to commercial thanks for bringing out quickly. I'll address that one of the things that I think the Democrats could push it push back on the governor. And the voters is a say that that some of that is Israel. There has been an impact on schools, and that's why you're seeing referendums. But I would also argue that. These referendums 'cause I've looked at almost all of them the one point four I related to facilities. They have nothing to do with the impacts of any cuts to the state education budget about building new schools, fixing older schools and what what's happened over the years. Money was directed into other areas of of the budget and the neglected their facilities that happens over and over again it shows shortsightedness by school boards school districts. That's what's driving some of the referendums, but thanks for the call rich. Appreciate that call. We're going to we're going to change topics. Afternoons.

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