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People to wear masks. Somebody gave it to him. And I bet you if they had known I'll give it to this young man and hill down, they would have done differently. President Trump welcomed Mexico's president to the White House, calling the nation a sheriff's partner, the leader's air Commemorating the United States of Mexico Canada agreement. We've had a great relationship right from the beginning, and I think that maybe was against all odds. By the people we're betting against Canada's prime minister opted not to make that visit. Correspondent Steve Futterman says the Washington Redskins may be one step closer to a name change their reports, The team has decided to remove all Native American imagery from anything connected with the team. The Redskins. Well known logo is a profile of a Native American man adorned with two white feathers. A number of retailers have already removed Redskin merchandise, including Wal Mart, Nike and Target. And Amazons now joining that group. Amazon sellers have 48 hours to remove the items. National Coalition of Labor Unions will stage a mass walkout from work on July 20th for eight minutes. It's called Strike for Black Lives. Service Employees International Union President Mary Kay Henry. We understand We cannot win economic justice without winning racial justice. Will the Minneapolis officer who pressed his knee against George Floyd's neck before he died, told him quote it takes a heck of a lot of oxygen to talk. That after Floyd pleaded for air more than 20 times that's according to transcripts of body camera video recordings just made public. Floyd said he could not breathe multiple times in the moments before he died. On Wall Street, The Dow gained 177 points. NASDAQ Up 1 48 s and P 24 up. This is CBS News. Never miss a moment. Top news from w T o p 24 73 65. Listen on air on Alexa and on the W T o P A.

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