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I'm confident and get them going because the game has changed for focusing on who's starting it's about who's finishing and those guys are GonNa be out there when again one of our favorites yes Anita marks takes degenerate fan corner a needle marks has prepared for these segments more than Jalen rose has prepared for anything aw that's kind of fun nobody puts baby in the corner please put me in in the degenerate corner can I just let me leave me ah you're outside with the velvet rope let us in the degenerate corner it is all of yours so Jalen yes I want to start with this okay so in the past we've been doing this show for years and years and years in the past Jalen always gives us updates on his ten thousand dollar fantasy team it's been a little quiet this year I haven't heard about any game I haven't heard anything about the win loss record I haven't heard a single thing so Jalen the floor is yours any any update on the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy Jaguars absolutely we're two and four right with three all right now with three original which one would you love with three or four right now there are a couple of issues to happen just didn't play out in my favor once a Barclay got injured yes he did one week I was going against Aaron Jones he had four touchdowns I remember that we had that was killer against we Kerryon Johnson just got hurt for the lions this past week I can't imagine why Kerryon Johnson Jalen I mean that's just an objective you just looked at best players available and objectively chose the lions running back this You know I led the League in scoring last week take me fifteen hundred dollars this week I'm sorry Seventeen Times fifteen that is no no I gotta do math that's about twenty five hundred dollars no to twenty five thousand dollars you guys have a big pool ticket from absolutely so it's a twenty twenty four or five hundred twenty four thousand five hundred Seventeen Times fifteen hundred right but I'm saying there's twelve people in the league right and it's in it's ten thousand dollar buy in right one hundred one hundred twenty thousand dollar leave on the commissioner that legal tickets had been feet I'm a hit you on a cellphone service three Abbey's interest over time you know talk I'm looking agent just be here so that draft his heart so so let me tell you what happened this past week however great g am in bodily had Aaron Rogers and another lion says you WanNa get on me about that Marvin Jones both of those gentlemen kvant ten touchdowns while you had Marvin Jones that's huge yes because because Golladay really has been the go-to I for Matthew Stafford the fact that you had seen with that is Jalen that's your that's your fan hat paying off for you big dividends not a lot of people have been playing Jones because Golladay has been the guy in the fact that you played in okay that played into your fan had it paid off big touchdown here's another GM move I drafted Muhammed noodle last three years in fantasy I always felt like he was slept on because he wasn't Julio Jones and Law of the whole he just got traded this week who get traded to oh I have him on my squad as well so not panicking at all Jacoby what my squad I'm excited about the rest of the season I almost regret asking for the update fourteen minutes they Jalen I have something I want to discuss with you too okay this is huge news it's being under covered too Sha Kerr was arrested in Tennessee last week by making that face to boxer core Yes to occur was arrested in Tennessee last week Anita you're looking at me like I'm crazy is this an elvis google it right now The rain was arrested in Tennessee last week Johnny googling it no I'm gts he was arrested. I think it's aggravated salt was in Tennessee to pock Shaker remember you heard it here hit the broken news button Reggie Refuses Reggie doesn't WanNa play these days. Reggie Reggie ready went broke he's like I'm just going to do whatever you say a new Anita has the information now there's a few things here number one was a delight Emma journalist at anything I say was any NASA factually correct no okay this dude is Caucasian I'm sorry uh-huh what's his name to Fox occur okay hey yeah not the two you were looking for that guy in Tennessee got arrested and he's to puncture government name that's whoever whoever puts a headline or put they're getting all the cliques all the cliques yeah they're putting the headline I assume it's the government system he changed it you know do we do we know who did I'm curious because originally we researched like a pro who broke the news and how many more followers did they get a three hour time period But you know he was arrested two bucks was arrested I he is going to be very clear the white guy named to puncture that does not look anything like the two pounds the recipes we all know and love and Jalen well listen while while we're here in the pod just us right we can talk about things maybe the executives wouldn't want us to talk about it don't listen to your they don't they they watch the TV show but with the sound off so sometimes we WanNa talk about these things put up the graphic on the bottom that's like better Lebron Michael Jordan we can talk about whatever we listened to the podcast alley bigshot the bill wolf the one executive does to the puck back he does this is a hill Texas things hit the too hot for TV button Red's not Jalen little bit of information okay CICI TV the government run Chinese television network did not air the Pelicans against the Raptors I kind of thought this is going to be behind us I thought it was gonna be bygones be bygones jalen it's GonNa continue throughout the season two story that bubbles up every once in a while I think so this is this is you know it's one thing to discuss this biggest another thing too for action to take place that's legitimate and for them to take that stand at the beginning of the season sends a strong message to the NBA because remember we were over there they took down all of the promotions didn't allow the NBA cares facility happen and probably because the players were already in town they allowed the game to go on but since we left they're not messing with the NBA seemingly and that's GonNa be an issue with that relationship well ten cent which is their digital leaning over there which isn't necessarily I think it's I don't know how exactly the details of how you know distribution networks working China but I think it's they're like sort of a digital streaming company that is in business with China and also the and also espn they aired the clippers lake so if you wanted to get the Clippers Lakers game you could but this is something that's not a kind of thought it would go away once the sort of the ones we throw up the ball in Toronto we had the first jump start showing highlights of Lonzo Ball we'll make a nice passes and Pascal thirty four points at that would all go away but it has not and we will continue to keep you updated win the executives are not listening so Jalen and Anita this is something that absolutely love and we couldn't put on the TV show because whenever dies it's not really that funny but this guy made dying funny okay what they did is before he passed away he prerecorded a message to be played as his coffin was being lowered into the ground and I've seen this before but usually it's like something funny I mean it's sort of like a addressing the crowd and was like sweet and like there's a couple of jokes in there but what he did is he free recorded him screaming from inside the coffin I know yes four key passed away and it was only like one or two people knew about it so they're all at this funeral and again it's it's weird talking about it because nothing like that about someone dying but like this person obviously had a sense of humor so as they're being lowered lowered into the ground in their coughing sound from inside the coffin goes off of the Jones screaming and asking them to stop imagine you're at a funeral and you hear this what do you do die myself I'm really we're definitely did anyone go like wait I'm sure someone always put myself in the shoes of the co-conspirator at some point the focus has to be like no no this is all a joke but like you just because Kerry said it was a joke doesn't mean I'm knocking just complete disregard the sound for coming the concert we have to make sure open the COP and Jalen next time you're in town because at some point I am going to pass away you know what I mean next time here in town indefinite recorded message that you are going to be the only person because you're definitely gonNA outlive me why why do you think he's GonNa Outlive you his his grandmother hundreds in one hundred and two hundred and two yeah so you're talking you're not talking like lifestyle you're talking genetic genetics I I was on the same page so I have one word for this act at the funeral selfish that was selfish selfish I'm going the other way all of these people come here to agree for you and to represent your honor have just got up misspoken good things about you you were a perfect human being shed tears you have Paul bears they're ready to carry your casket and all of a sudden the screen coming out of the casket that selfish okay I'll go to the same exact way everyone's sad they're thinking about how important word how you we went to early and you've got kids and the mood is very somber you know what I mean it just a nice little icebreaker let's allies breakers to mix it up nice ice breaker simple you guys you guys were at the spoon or something we don't know anything about this guy I honestly don't even know if it's a guy I don't think a female will do that you don't I started gender neutral and can lead into this being a dude I think is very anita can I know if you would we we all do we ought to Mr Suming have you noticed how Mr Jacoby is very matter of fact what is that just a soul miss a guy you know I don't think responsible is the right way matter of fact might be we're excited I was like then they did this kidding this is definitely a dude but one thing we do every Wednesday I'm glad you here on Wednesday need it is women's Wednesday here it's so we celebrate the more intelligent more responsible better smelling generally superior gender of our species the women and we do so by taking only female we'll voicemails like this one guy me crystal from Phoenix really going to get to know me out big red's well I asked movers boss move so y'all Oh was quick shoutout to my boy Kevin he's the one that got me on cheers as a show on that note that's where I wanNA bring in my boss move for soft move leading something good go because of your quote Unquote Pride let me I think 'cause y'all be having that quote unquote pride can't let things go so yeah keep giving the people they want setup guys because they're amazing love y'all so she wants she wants us to talk about half the story are there some going on between Crystal Kevin we don't know about that he was like you can call in but you can't give us the details but but really what she wants us to our once you gentlemen to respond to is like the difficulty of leading some assumptions about this situation too because she didn't give us any details I I had thought that someone let her go because of the pride but that she repeated a couple of times I read that there was some sort of disagreement between two people one male one female and the mail is too stubborn to just kill keep in the past and he's holding a grudge soccer Jalen rose pry all always comes before the fall oh I like this I think we're going here.

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