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Well, there's the wet the Westfield the wet conditions here at Annapolis Maryland it caused a Tigers problems early hanging on the football. Memphis with two fumbles in this game navy took one of them got a field goal out of it. It was in tiger territory with a fumble accord occurred. The next one attacks able to stop them. But not after navy took a little time off the clock. But now looks like this offense might be rolling a little bit. It's not like they navy's really stopped. And they forced one putt where Memphis could not get anything going. But when they've had room to run and room to operate. Memphis, moves the football. So let's see if they can keep it going. And let's see if the defense can keep putting the hammer down on his navy office will be the first time, we see a kickoff from Riley. Patterson? Don't forget Navio get the ball to start the second half nine kickoffs last week and five touchback. So here is the run up from Riley, and the CAC is Andrew overran. And it is a great kick over the head off the returner, she Jay Williams, and that'll be another touchback. They'll get the ball at the twenty five yard line 4._0._1. ago. And let's see if the tiger defense, which is forced three punts in this game already. If they can keep this thing going at something, you know, it's the winds blowing cross ways here at navy Marine Corps stadium. So he did not have the win. It is back. That's just a strong kickoff. In the Air's. Heavy. Here it's humid up here with all this rain. They've they've had the past couple of days three days. I think nowadays they say it's been a while. We had a flash flood. Warning. We were in the middle of it last night here come the Mid's and Peres your quarterback. He has a full back to his left. It's gar July. Here's the stem Perry's fakes the throw and now he's gonna run any takes off. And he's got room across the twenty five thirty diving forward near the sticks a yard shy at the thirty four yard line v. I n one Tim Hart kid from US makes the stop. But a good gain by the mids that time they took advantage of Jackson Dylan's pass Russ. They said, okay. We'll let that we'll let our offensive tackle influence him. Push them to the outside. Dylan coming hard charging up the field. But basically just ran right by the quarterback. They saw that play in the Perry. The smart quarterback that he is just took off running where Jackson Dylan was just saw Garrett Lewis put a helmet on. And they've got Zack ABM game on short yardage. Here's the snappy gives it to the full back in the garage. Got the first down off left tackle he pick. Up for and he'll have the first down at the thirty eight yard line. They'll move the change with three fifteen to go in the half and the U of M I head seven three now feeling better. 'cause Memphis is in the lead. But you cannot take anything for granted against his navy offense. Because boom, boom, boom they go to yards three yards. And the next thing. You know, they're running seventy yards for a touchdown or throwing it over your head. So got to be fundamentally sent they bring Malcolm Perry back in the game. And so their top quarterback who's explosive is under center. Here's the snap. And here's the option of these caught in the backfield back at the thirty seven yard line. That'll be tackled for loss to Tigers converged. They read a beautifully and tyrez Lindsey will get the credit for that Tf. Oh, just great defense there. They tried to run the short side option. The option into the short side of the field into the boundary their way, too many more Tigers over there, then there were a midshipman Memphis taking full advantage credit. Chris Ball again for calling up a good play defensive AB back in the game. Second down and eleven clock ticking down to two twenty left to go in the half in the U of M. Leads seven three this time Perry under center with one back in three receivers to the right side. Here's the snap. And he looks with the option then he tosses. He's got a manage got room. Forty forty five I down and down near the forty nine yard line. That was a big play by Mike Martin. He's a fullback, and they delay..

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