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That we know our story that i know my strengths and my struggles then operate differently in this world in every relationship including that relationship with my kids and so. I don't think we can dive deep enough into that place as parents which is so in keeping with the very thing we're talking about today of. I can't do that well without some support. Like i can't see everything that's true about me. I'm limited by my perspective. I need other is on my life. In a way that there's opportunity for growth and development that benefits my work have benefits. My marriage benefits my parenting. And i think it's the wisdom to you know if you are driving down the road and the check engine. Light comes on my car. Like i'm not gonna assume. I know how to diagnose the circumstance and i need a mechanic and that is a good thing for folks who trained in how to deal with my car like. It's fascinating to me that we would assume that posture with our vehicle or with different parts of our lives but one with our own wellbeing health and i think it's just a good thing to put other is on a circumstance that someone could see something i can't see and create opportunity for growth. I love that analogy because everyone listening like well. Yeah my check engine. Light came on for sure. Take it to the to the shop. But there i feel like to. And i've talked to dr john baloney one of our ramsey personalities. About this i like. They're they're still even in our even my generation of of parents individuals There's this stigma around counseling. There's the stigma around seeking out. Help i know the older generations like they're definitely is with my mom's generation. The baby boomers like if you go to counseling like you must. Something's wrong with you you. you're crazy person. Whenever which is not at all true like you said a well checkup as a great example. Talk a little bit about. Maybe some people that feel resistant to getting help and counseling is not the only way to help but as an example resistant to seeking the expert..

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