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Memora- nets good black news. Detroit's once famous. Black bottom neighborhood finally receives a historical marker. The residents of detroit celebrated a historical marker. Come reiterating detroit's once famous black bottom neighborhood. Detroit was once home to a all black community called black bottom. The neighborhood had at least three hundred fifty thriving black businesses and was home to the to a number of musical icons in the that. The city dubbed detroit's black wall street's for his thriving entrepreneurship that was until forced redevelopment wiped the town now leaders historians in other residents. Who must call black bought on home celebrating. A historical marker put up an honor of the neighborhood detroit's historic black bottom running from graduates and like you say learner. Leonard say learner lynyrd cover. Some people say that. I took from saint alban to brush before it was berry. Wiped away by i. Seventy five and seventy five still in the construction ain't it. They paved paradise in put in a parking lot. In a highway way sit rochelle. Riley director of arts culture entrepreneurship in detroit during the ceremony For the new marker during the late nineteen fifties early sixties former mayor cobo forced residents of the neighborhood under the guise of redevelopment for residents with ties. The memory is still very painful. To be disrupted by. Urban renewal was really heartbreaking. Said beverly kindle walker whose family were residents of black bottom current mayor. Mike duggan spoke or cobos decision. Say a couple of years ago. I was very proud of the fat that the name of our mayor. Kobo was taken off. The convention center is not a part of our history. That should be celebrated now. The city is looking to preserve a memory of black bottom is contribution his residence. When you talk about the history of black bottom and it's soil it's about the richness of the people said ray smith president of the black bottom group in former resident to black bottom. Shut up on your favorite singers. Come from near trying to give Does a white man who part of cobo come on. Wasn't he raises his. I got him the fuck out. They change cast high school. But you know then alumnis was. No nice is gone racist racist a lot of them freebies. Legis shit in detroit was good and racist. I am black. That's the generations. Staying up and not on my watch and also shuttled to black bottom. I think sometimes let him was always portrayed as like a horrible plates. The thrive for last couple and shouts like some of my elder like. Yeah owned black bottoming. Everybody's the hang out and do things. It was basically the spot in so. But i think folks talk about like the later part of black bottle which is not shown true legacy but more so they don't talk about how they literally just put a freeway now motherfucker in is always going to be through our neighborhoods right. It's never can be another neighborhood or a red. They would have just shifted seventy five. I like what three or four blocks they say like eighty percent of the neighborhoods but instead they decided to keep were at and i think they destroyed like ninety the name right the answer just shifting it over. They want the blacks out of there. They wanted to minded and a lot of the blast down own their home. They owned businesses. And so what. They did a cash them out right in trying to go to. They have enough money to go kind of it. Again last homesick jamaican officials set to petition. British government for slavery reparations.

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