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They never worked that efficiently so probably a little less than half. What do you think about that. I mean i know it sticks to the back and so you're not really hoping for an enormous capacity as far as power bank is concerned because it you wanna use the phone while it's on there but is that are you happy with this will not really if i mean it's good for top up you know But i figured the battery that size should house a bigger battery but it has so much attack in there. Did you see all those magnets and stuff when they took it off. I guess that's the impact then you don't need that many looking at ring. Yeah man there. There's some depth to those. Those are the strong ones. Neil denia or whatever they're called right well see in a normal manufacturer which you would just plug in over. Usb there's there's less activity on inside of there so the battery can be a bigger portion of the overall design but this is about convenience this is about slapping it on the back this is about carrying cable and and being all safe style so yeah i think there's a lot of people are gonna throw this in the bag and just have it sure hanging see that but there's definitely if capacities your thing. Just go buy some anchor stuff and recharge your phone ten times. If you really want to there you go air pods. Three are rumored to launch alongside the iphone thirteen at an expected. September event third generation air pods. So we're not talking about air pods pro just air pods three. Although the appear from shape perspective to take inspiration from the air pods pro but still with the absence of any kind of ear tip So this is kind of thing it's hit and miss for people. Kirk complains about these type of headphones. He says they don't stand years. They stay in mine the way my ears constructed they stay in there but the just simply can't produce sound on the level of something that creates an actual seal in ear canal leading the the like apples pro model or other headphones. That do that. But i tend to find them a little bit more convenient than an in ear style because it's less of a fitting thing. Yes you just pop in you pop out. I like that non fitting thing because it's too tight like the ipod pro. Give airports bro fatigue. Any type of suction is. I'm personally not a fan but the most people are because they keep making keep making this too though right they're gonna make the regular version as well. I prefer these. There's also a hygiene component if it doesn't have to stick all the way in your ear it's a little bit more. I mean this looks like it goes further than the previous model inside your ear. But still no silicone tip. It's a completely plastic designed case. Looks very familiar and similar..

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