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To Las Vegas a Beasley media group station rituals contradict critical book coming on Christopher Cruz trump administration officials have told house investigators but it was clear to them but if you cranes new president was to get an oval office welcome he would have to announce it was investigating vice president Joe Biden and his son correspondent Jessica Schneider has been reading the testimony of the former White House Russia adviser Fiona hill you ambassador Gordon someone made more beanies instructions clear when they met with Ukraine Fishel's July tenth at the White House kill testifying ambassador Sunland in front of the Ukrainians as I came in was talking about how he had an agreement with chief of staff Mulvaney for meeting with Ukrainians if they were going to go forward with investigation house Democrats release transcripts yesterday of some testimony of administration officials the anonymous senior trump administration official who wrote a book called the warning makes a number of stark and scary claims about the presidency of Donald Trump correspondent Brian Tong it's not clear if the person is still working for the president or has left the new book says senior trump administration officials considered resigning on math last year in a quote midnight self massacre to warn the public about president trump's behavior Mr trump says his administration will unveil a plan next week to fight vaping by young people stay tuned says the president who spoke to reporters Friday on the south lawn of the White House for coming out we're very close to a final report the president added the report will confront a number of issues the.

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