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In for the final two innings you'd have to, think by the way as. Far as Lugo is concerned That with the Yankees making this deal for Britain, which I think is a good deal for the keys and I'm talking about it here. On a second you wonder you know teams like Houston and the cubs and. The Red Sox, they also had, interest in Britain the Yankees make the the trade for Britain. And they send three minor league players to Baltimore for Britain but you'd have to think maybe the Astros the, Red Sox and the cubs now we're going to have. A more of an interest than a, guy like potentially like Seth Lugo Now. That the, Houston and, Boston and the cubs have missed out on on Zach. Britton this is good trade for. The Yankees and the first thing I thought, about one of the deal was announced was and we know. As we continue to talk about it here over the weeks that the pitching. Market as far as starting pitching is concerned is very thin and there's not a, lot out there And Yankees don't want, to give up their premium blue-chip talent for you know pedestrian starting pitching and when you think about the journal options at the Yankees disposal and then you compare it to the talent that's out there that could be had what are you know whether. You're talking about Jake tapper you're talking about Michael foam are you talking about Cole hamels guys like that as I mentioned on the show last night I'm not sure that the Yankees are going to be a really upgrading their rotation too much, by getting, any of those pictures, as opposed to what they can do internally or with the guys that they currently have on the staff is presently constituted and so it's the first thing I was thinking when you know it was announced the Yankees got Britain. Is that the Yankees have now decided. That instead of going out and sacrificing some young talent for starting pitching that, is a little bit you know maybe better than mediocre but nothing that really is going to be a huge difference maker that instead they go and they refer to fry and they make the The best part of this team as far as pitching is concerned even stronger, and so at Britain now who's coming off of an injury and started the season. Wasn't very good but it's pitched well of last? Couple of weeks now goes into that bullpen, and joins guys like Chapman and Robertson and Matanzas and green and shreve and guys like that and this is a good move for the Yankees because it's becoming more and more common folks for clubs to really stack their bullpens as much as they. Can you want as many good arms coming out of that bullpen if you can continue to listen this is going to bode well for the Yankees in the postseason for boom you know whether they play the Astros or whether they play the, the the, Indians or the Red, Sox or whomever in the postseason we've seen in the past that wanna teams that have had success in the post-season have these stacked bullpens That can come in and especially during postseason flight And especially because know post-season, a day you do have built in days off and this is going to allow the Yankees to the further have more options in our. Bullpen and strengthen the best bullpen in the game and if they can't get any upgrades that they deem to be worth it to go out and get and sacrificing. Young, talent as far as starting pitching is concerned well I think Cashman made a good move here by getting Britain and bringing him in a really lengthening, deepening the most potent part of that. Pitching staff which of course is the Yankees. Bullpen we know the. Steam can obviously, score runs. They played good defense the, pitching is is average, once you get past Severino although Tanaka last, night, did a pitcher splendid game, of the Yankees four nothing went over the raise and You know listen, Tanaka, got through seven innings last night And was terrific and then boom. Decided to let them go the distance have warm-up action he had the baton sus in the eighth warming. Up and, also, Chapman and a ninth what he stayed With Tanaka..

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