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Specific case, how would their background not be relevant when you're deciding should we let them out on bond again. I don't have we don't do that. Now. Now, weekdays ten to eleven AM and two to three PM on NewsRadio. KLBJ perfect vehicle. The Todd and Don show Andrew lock to ninety good morning about the scooter have wheelchair to get around. And there have been dozens of times when I've been downtown of people talk about on the sidewalk now. Now, we have a legitimate concern. Andrew has a legitimate reason to be upset with them. That's. Because he's doing shoot somebody in a wheelchair for you to to listen. Well, yeah. Because the scooter doesn't affect you. You're on the road driving. It does affect Andrea. Okay. I support Andrew. I'm highly offended. I've had the background the ball around the block just to try to get to where Abdallah hard on my body. That's not. That's not good, right? That right. There is a reason where some rules right now. Because people to have access I have gotten more. I'm very cynical about it. I can work through it probably. But there's just look on their face though, very self. This is the biggest problem in your world right now. You're you're gonna be Todd and Don show, weekday mornings five to ten AM on NewsRadio KLBJ the Todd and Don show, Roberto, what's on your mind. I agree with you. Somebody asked me how you they going. And I don't want to give it the answer. Yeah. But I got an idea for you that works for me. I turn around and say four important. How's your day doing there you go? Exactly throw them for a look good. Good. It gives me a chance to give encouragement. Todd and Don. Weekday mornings five to ten AM on NewsRadio KLBJ Todd and Don show Maria. Good morning. Thank you. And also would like to say that. I enjoy your show every morning and make my long commute downtown. So short that always agree with what you're saying. But have a very interesting program every. Mary. That's our only goal to make your morning commute a little bit better. That's it. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you for doing that. Todd and Don. Weekday mornings five to ten AM on NewsRadio. KLBJ actionable intelligence. Make no mistake. American again, this is the Buck Sexton show. Former CIA analysts for member. Buck Sexton thirty six year old establish a career criminal.

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