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Saw how big of a loss that was for the texans not to have the presence of whitney mercilus and he was a huge factor in two thousand sixteen whenever you lead the league in defense so that's why have merciless in that eight spot eight for me is will fuller i will fuller is going to be so important to them on the offense they then but he's not higher on the list i would put them higher on the list if there weren't guys that we we've talked about before like bruce ellington's a guy that we really liked that could fill in and what i mean kiki cutie could come in and maybe he makes an impact as a rookie but will fuller is really really important to what this offense does because he's going to take some of those double teams he's gonna take some of the pressure off of hopkins and if he if they decide not to stop doubling hopkins then he's going to just be loose and blow the top off the defense a willfuller he's my number eight number eight most important texan i don't have them in my top ten and there for the reasons that you said because you guys that could give you some production in that number two spot if he were to go down or if you're going to have a great season i'm still i'm interested on sammy coaxed picks him up on waivers sammy coach and how he performs he's an outside receiver though not an inside receiver kiki ut is a fascinating rookie to watch in his first season we'll talk about the texans rookies later on in the show ellington somebody that i like you hope you can get something out of braxton miller going into the season i think you can get by without will fuller he adds an extra dimension certainly he would help the houston texans offense but i left them outside of my top ten because i think you can get by without him i you know you can get by without him but what you could be with him being as good as a top ten and being a top one of the ten most important guys what you could be with him as an offense is i want to see it i have to say because that's willful obviously hopkins is going to produce but if you have wolf or even producing it ninety percent of what he was doing at the at the rate he was doing it last year i mean you can have one of the best passing games in the league you could have a top ten passing game lead with two of the most dangerous receivers and i know landry got a bet right now or he he talked he john maclean told him he was being silly saying that will fuller can make a pro bowl next year but if you get an entire season of willful or playing at the clip that he was playing at he would could make a pro bowl and that offense would be so dangerous number seven on my list is today beyond cloudy and again i'm very offensive heavy up top and it's why i have some of these best defensive players on my bottom half of the top ten the reason that i have cloudy at seven ahead of mercilus is at eight is for two reasons one clowney has done it more recently and i have a recency bias you did it for me in two thousand seventeen i'm gonna give you the edge against somebody who did it in two thousand sixteen also clowns better against the run the nutty mercilus is so i give cloudy too slight edge over merciless and that's why i have him seven in whitney date so my mice my seventh i i love the cloudy i'm not gonna talk about him yet because he is on my list but at number seven i have whitney mercilus there whitney mercilus a guy i mean.

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