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We have more reserve pilots on hand in december than normal months and they provide us with the ability to fly in many of the troops that are currently uncovered spokesman math miller said we of not cancelled any scheduled flights in december and we'll continue to work to ensure both our pilots in our customers are cared for however the pilot's union in cast doubt paul the carriers numbers the allied pilots association is able to view in real time december flight crew assignments for american airlines on says quote in fact thousands of flights are still listed as unassigned american has the tense relationship with its pilots union group on tuesday filed a grievance against management four quote improperly restricting the ability to earn extra pay on some troops and has been vocal about its concerns regarding americans willingness to work collaborative lead to resolve the issue from the americas warning use sports desk i'm carlos martinez we start in the nfl will the vikings beat the falcons fourteen the tonight minnesota's one street now at eight games patriots over the bills 23 to three new england reclaimed the top spot in the afc conference after they win bear eighth straight 49 ers a dramatic fifteen two four win over the bears becker's win in overtime twenty six the twenty over the buccaneers titans 24 texans thirteen tennessee retain their spot atop the afc south division dolphins 35 broncos nine jets beat the chiefs thirty to thirty one jaguars thirty colts 10 jacksonville looks destined for their first playoff berth since two thousand seven ravens fortyfour lines twenty charges over the browns nineteen to ten waiters 24 giants seventeen huge win for the saints thirty one to twenty one or the panthers grams thirty.

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