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Your hundred percent rate josh. And as we expand this conversation onto the hoffitz is a whole specifically josh. I mean all of miami's quarterbacks were pretty impressive accurate. The last time we were able to say something like that. But i think it's important to keep in mind that the difference between a dink dunk offense and a quarterback who's afraid to push it down the field Tannehill had some issues with that if you really want to get into the nitty gritty of being unable to push downfield. Channy is the example hours. Go to where he's always. Check it down. He's too scared to make that mistake with the dolphins you though. They're given their guys the ball on an opportunity to make a plan. I mean how often was it. Jalen oiseaux urge akeem grant ahead to be one guy at a. They could cut a dance around for miles gasket on the outside there it was a third seven or so i'll where he caught a ball. He should've actually been tackled. Right around glen scrimmage made guy miss he got the first down so i think it's important to keep in mind. The differences of scheming guys open giving guys an opportunity to get about space. Make budding a play with the ball compared to just hayward delegate to the running back hand w down to my outlook guy because i just don't wanna push the ball. I'm afraid of mcnabb mistake. That could change the. Yeah and i mean i think you could even throw to a ton of a low of last season two thousand twenty as guy. That was a little bit scared to put down field. So i think you're right. It's kind of what you expect when you draft it too. I mean if you brought him in here and they can use go out there and use that to throw the ball around the herbert. You were just mistaken. I mean this is the offense that suits him and he's going out there and he looked like a surgeon. Great side in itself offense scenes signed for him which is a big thing so one hundred percent because it was you know that was not the case last year. But you mentioned jake. He could not have done this without having time in the pocket and this offensive line. Look night and day to be completely honest again. I think a lot of it had to do with going at some of atlanta's second guys. But i mean they were. They were tested. This tested last week to go in there. Do the work put it in and then go out there and and execute on saturday. That's exactly what this offensive line did. Also jackson looked a little bit improved. I know is pro. Football focus create might not might not represent that too. Well but what did you see the most of this offense. Jake you know because i mean they were truly opening up big holes from aisles. Gaskin salva knock mad. I mean it was. It truly was a full effort from this offense and like you said they opened up. That can't pass that we needed to see. I think it starts were not necessarily playing well with playing clean josh. I mean the dolphins with the situation burn with the offensive line. Yes we can. Also jackson started to play better despite his forty seven. Thirty six whenever whatever grade you wanna say for his black Whatever it is. It's not gonna stop well so just pick a low number pick linebacker number and we'll just say that's austin jackson's pass program of what i think the dolphins are gonna have to do to play successful and it goes back to that teacher mentality of straight up plain clean games. There was not a lot of Josh hit the down the head with the quote about getting the line early getting the offensive line in a situation where they identified the blitzes identify with other defense. Trying to do and another thing. Josh where i think that maybe if you wanted to make an argument in smear if larry thompson was going to be miami's left tackle for the next ten years you could say yes. He's great pass blocking yes. He's great roadblocking but penalties josh. Those penalties kind of can sometimes bessarabia. Everything he's trying to do in terms of. Hey you have group walks role that's fine but just give up a ten yard penalty which is just as bad as the sack sub scenarios just to penalties last night. Josh i think this cube going to have to play a very clean and i think the way offensive. Line this bill. I think they're going to be able to do that. And once you know you're playing clean. I mean once you're playing well that starts be kinda gravy when you think about it. I mean the biggest play to me that stood out was down at the in the red zone. I think someone What involves a third and one ingestion. We're told me not to bring it up. And it was leeann mike and bergen robert hunt basically driving and do downfield for seven yards. I saw long sealed off the edge so it was a total group effort. I want to read off some of the pro football grades. You have here again. Take with a grain of salt as always says michael played forty seven snaps. Which jake i mean. michael leader. He looked like he belonged. I mean let's many needs a beer. That's all he needs. He's the best center in the league. That's a beer in the ass. Towel also jackson forty-seven snaps his. Bff gray was thirty. Nine point six again. That was slightly better than last week. Greg little only played twelve snaps in the second half. Liam aiken forty six snaps. Pf pass blocking grade of seventy eight. Again i talked about him in the run game but i mean why the dolphins traded up in and gave up draft capital up there and get lamb like burgum. You kinda see some of that in this game all bite again. Preseason solomon kinley our boy the big fish eighty one point. Three pass blocking grade On forty seven snaps and robert hunt forty seven snaps. Didn't allow single pressure. So again i. I know a lot of this had to do with them. Getting up the line getting up there and snapping the ball not allowing the defense to get some of it had to do with going against that second-string but this is what you want to see. You want the offensive rise to the occasion. And that's what they did and it trickled over into.

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