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It's amazing that I can can be wearing so little and yet sweating so much feels like I'm smothered in a sexy futons. Something so in the movie hustlers Cardi B. Plays a stripper named diamond and she was actually a stripper in real life before she went into music. And that is a coincidence coincidence because before I became a comedian I was also a stripper. I was stripping paint from houses but still I was a stripper. I was trying to get into character backstage. I'm working on my Oakland. I The you know. The yours is software that I should be mad at my back there after. I don't want to touch them. They are softer. Yeah Oh yeah. They feel good. They've they're fun that's good. Yeah as a whole lot so thanks thanks for being here. Cardi B. E.. So did you see my torquing. Did you see what I did. Let me see okay okay. Should've face you okay. It has it. Go trying to get a higher. How do I knew it? It gives you a couple of bugs right there so it's absolutely fantastic club S.. And what I would say is I know as you say Kevin Ellen is uncomfortable in those kind of close doesn't ever like to wear that much makeup hip you know. It's all a lot for her and my God she just knocked it out of the Park Lane. You're absolutely fantastic ellen. For putting up with all all that and doing that. Yeah knowing that the comedy was going to be worth it and the time in the chair feels and what I love your walks outside stage and she goes. I challenge you guys to find a costume next year. That involves more makeup more time in the chair. Maybe some prosthetics she wants to go all out you love about. I love absolutely unbelievably hard time and she knows the power of success. I WANNA wear. I WANNA wear like more makeup on her. I think I may have heard her. Say sexier please. You're listening. Ultra which I got a text of Jimmy Kimmel justice a peanut going on I think that was spam. Yeah okay all right so then so. That's the top of the show which is fantastic. Yup I wish we could spread these acts over the twenty shows in November. Then Jason Momoa decides first of all. He agrees to do the Halloween show which some celebrities really don't want to appear on your silly Halloween show in a costume right Jason. Momoa not not only appears he decides he's going to be Elvis. He's going to own it and my God that he on it. I mean we're singing some combination of space odyssey and see see rider and holy moly. Here's proof I never thought I'd say here's proof that head straight. He's not even mentioning that before he does his appearance Durance. He spends a good hour walking through the halls backstage shirtless yet the wig on his instagram or something right did big beautiful. Doing running around every staff member chef naked. I enjoyed it and so if if if you think about it if you think about it you know the answer to this but a Jason memo is favorite color. Is Pink Yacht. righty where that pink suit to the Oscars and it got the whole thing with the scrunchy. The hair thing was a whole thing so he had a pink Elvis suit. We made a pink Elvis suit for him so he was a cheap. No wasn't probably we not worth it. A thousand Percent Course Ellen gave it to him on the Air But but Matt right are co Executive Producer. Who you've met on on this podcast had been walking around saying that Jason Memos going to be pink Elvis and then he distorts that to He kept saying Jason. MOMOA was GONNA be Pelvis. I thought that somehow is going to be something that was going to end up on the show because he kept saying he's GonNa be Pelvis. Elvis it's funny and he walks out in. No he's just elvis in a pink suit and we don't talk about it and it was quite an entrance so I gotta say it was unbelievable..

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