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The playbook The investors being a bit of a folk at the moment but when you listen to us you'll come pretty close Let's take a look at those small cap stocks If we look at some of the sector winners the sector loser is this bullish or is it bearish Bloomberg radio the Bloomberg business app and Bloomberg radio dot com Broadcasting 24 hours a day At Bloomberg dot com and the Bloomberg business act This is Bloomberg radio Now a global news update Two people are still missing following the devastating wildfires that ripped through boulder county late last week We are in the process today of trying to locate and if possible recover those folks Care of Joe Pelé confirmed the figure during a news conference Sunday governor Jared polis and fema administrator Diane criswell also took part Both earth residents affected by the wildfires to make use of community resources like a disaster assistance center set up in Lafayette to help victims with everything from insurance claims to mental health support the boulder county fire burned over 6000 acres as a Friday morning and destroyed nearly 1000 structures President Biden is reaffirming U.S. support for Ukraine in an evening phone call to that country's president The White House says the two leaders were scheduled to discuss Russia's troop build up along Ukraine's border last week Biden warned Moscow that the U.S. could impose sanctions against Russia if it takes military action against Ukraine Russian president Putin has repeatedly denied any plans to attack or invade the country Many holiday travelers are still having a hard time getting home because of flight cancellations data from flight aware shows over 3700 flights have been canceled worldwide on January 2nd 5000 have been canceled or delayed within into or out of the U.S. air carriers are blaming the mass cancellations on COVID-19 and winter weather Another drug company may be offering a COVID vaccine this year novavax by a tech company filed its final data with the FDA on Friday novavax says if all goes according to plan its next step.

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