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Go right into the lawn progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurance discounts not available in all states or situations he won a one point five instant weather as we wrap up a beautiful summer day we've got a pretty nice summer night ahead with partly cloudy skies and comfortable low temperatures in the mid to upper sixties and then tomorrow we are getting warmer and noticeably more humid highs bump into the upper eighties to around ninety degrees a bit of a breeze to keep the hot air moving around in addition a rather thunderstorms possible tomorrow afternoon and evening given the heat humidity some of those storms may be on the strong side with gusty winds and heavy downpours Santa Claus on Wednesday it'll be steamy with highs around ninety a chance for an isolated thunderstorm and then Thursday is the fourth of July it looks partly sunny back to about ninety degrees for in the New Jersey at least watch out for scattered late day showers and thunderstorms on Thursday to from the Edison heating and cooling whether to ask I'm chief meteorologist stands RO in beach haven it's eighty Wayne eighty three Howell eighty four fast traffic in instant weather every fifteen minutes on New Jersey one a one point five New Jersey weather made possible by a absolute plumbing heating air sewer and drain cleaning the number one choice for all of your home service needs call today to save big on a total AC replacement at eight hundred four three five six two four nine and ask about their specials or visit a absolute plumbing dot com during New Jersey one one point five big Joe Henry Wednesday night at seven on the boardwalk in seaside heights for the big Joe variety show this week features musical guest remember Jones comedian Garrett Elena and twenty eighteen big Joe talent show winner eva rose Dresden visit the events page at NJ one one five dot com for more information for twenty four with the Minsk indoors on a Monday afternoon okay so the harsh reality today when you lose a job get laid off are asked to no longer be in the company and whatever form that is the harsh reality as it can be a little hard to look at me a little ugly it could be a little cold a little distance and I have to just laugh because you know a lot of the public schools in New Jersey are so top heavy with administration rooms so many bloated salaries I'm.

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