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Away prevent the spread of viruses with Michael and Sons. German Sidle U. V C, Go to Michael and son dot com. Traffic and weather on the AIDS to Rob Stallworth in the W T o p Traffic Center. Thanks and he's still looking pretty good on the capital Beltway, although we are picking up a little bit more volume as we head toward lunchtime in Virginia Sterling North bound 20 Rampton eastbound dollars Toll Road and the Dulles Airport. It's a common ramp. You're under police direction for the crash there, which involves one overturn eastbound 66 underneath. Route 50 still have the broken down in the left lane. Now with the tow truck on scene, no problems being reported the traveling on I 95 South down, starting to get a little bit more volume as you had passed, Lord and down toward 1 23 after that, your good toward Fredericksburg North. I 3 95 running well as you leave its road headed up to an across the 14th Street Bridge in a district on Rhode Island Avenue in Northeast both ways near 20th Street, getting the first report of a crash, Also in Northwest 17th Street, closed between Kalorama Road in Euclid Street water main repairs. No problems as your role in Maryland through Montgomery and Prince George's counties on the belt white things are clear on 2 79 95 is a good look between the capital. Bell in the Baltimore Beltway, but north down on the B W Parkway delays as you make your way past 1 98 headed toward Route 30 to the crash is along the left side, also with a car on the right shoulder, drawing some attention. They're response is on scene 50 coming back from the Eastern. Sure, brief delays now building higher through wind mills headed towards Queenstown. After that, you should enjoy good ride toward the Chesapeake Bay Bridge with three lanes open, and that was Bound direction. No problems being reported. If you're traveling at this point on 301 both ways and brandy one just south of Chance for drive and Timothy Brace Dr. Getting the first report of a vehicle fires use caution there. Rob Stallworth. W T o p traffic Now to Storm Team four. Meteorologist Lauren Rickets today is going to be very similar to gas your day. We've got the heat. We've got the humidity and we've got temperatures back into the loading mid nineties. With that heat index in the mid.

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