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But like, I obviously would have done something with you. If you asked me, four o'clock on Valentine's Day for you around. All my God sup. This up at four PM Mike that is too late. That is too late. Oh my God. Yeah. This is why I'm saying plan ahead. Talk about it. You're listening to this. Now today, you've got two weeks to plan out and make sure that you're both status. No. But I'd never told him. I want to do something. So maybe he also didn't think I cared. So right. Exactly. I kind of okay. So I'm relating back to an episode of the office. You guys are fans this episode where Pam is dating ROY. And she she's engaged to him and they're saving for the wedding. And she goes, oh, we said that we weren't going to get each other anything for Valentine's Day to save for the wedding. And the whole episode kissing get her anything, but she sees all these flowers and coming into the office for other people, and you can see how upset she is. And even though they said that they weren't gonna get anything for each other. Like, it's still made her feel. Feel Vialli upset. So my question is or I guess I feel like if those terms are going to be set amongst partner. Right. I still think that there's since there's such like such pressure for Valentine's Day, like maybe you can if you're not gonna get each other anything physically you could do something in the bedroom. Yes. To still make it special right or write a car, right? Our words are so special like, I would love to get a car for a partner that just says like, you know, what you're thinking about me or something that is thoughtful because I think yeah, you're right. Even we say, I don't want anything you still want to do something. If there's a plan or an experience, Jayme. We did those fourteen days of Valentine's videos last year. They can find them all on YouTube right now, find them all on you, some good ideas in their camera. What they all were. But they were great. They were things like that. Like put a you could do a DIY where you take like a Mason jar. And you write all the things you love about your partner in the jar or all your favorite memories. Like, I love those kind of things super crafty and fun and thought. Awful. So check out those videos to that's called valentines days every day playlist on the sex them, we YouTube so check I'm out there. Very fun, fair fine. They were they were there. For different reasons for now, just because it was a lot of work, but it came out really well to check those out for some great ideas. So I think we just talk about some data ideas. I mean, cook something at home like make couples. Here's the thing. You guys you can't underestimate the power of doing something new together. When you're both engaged like it could be a new recipe. It could be your cooking together you picked up food. But you are together you're preparing it. You don't have kids where something sexy be naked. Hopefully, the kids have a babysitter. They can go out and do something I think that's fun cooking gathered sex is. I remember that's one thing with my last partner that I had as we started to cook things together. And it does it makes you won like just appreciate each other more because you're both kind of contributing and trying to to do something within that. And then it is fun. If you make something you've never made before because then if it turns out like shit, you plame yourselves. It's funny. If it turns out, really good, you get to high five and be like, we're awesome. Exactly. Cost you like finger foods like aphrodisiacs get like, always tres and like dip, strawberries and chocolate like do all the champagne and all the things that are sexy and fun. So I think there's nothing wrong with that. I also loved the idea of playing games together. If you're game couple, we've got such fun games here that different companies ascend to us that we love, and you can find them all pretty much all of them on our site too..

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