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Eight one eight one to get your free trial set whatever's next jetted on newsradio one thousand k t okay oklahoma's first news rush i'm looking forward to this fetchy lewis with us author cler voyage earth mysteries investigator betsy lewis inherited the gift of prophecy from her mother and as a little girl she experienced the paranormal have her a tell us that story and she said encounters as well this worker latest one is called ancient serpent god's the alien connection to rip chilean dinosaurs an amazing story betsy first and foremost welcome back off to the new year we go yeah yes thank you do great to be back on coast to coast tonight on a mountain it is almost two years to the day almost that you were with me last that's right timeshare fly all my gosh really does where this year's going by way too fast bell yeah exactly we got slow down somebody needs to invent the slowing down the time machine i wear anyways tell us about this experience you had as a little girl and then how that developed in the all these other experiences well of so many things have happened in my life the paranormal it seemed like the normal to me anymore really the first one where with my parents i was eight months old and they were on a road in idaho north western idaho and they were traveling to southern idaho to see my grandparents it was late at night they hadn't seen a car for mile which was really strange all of a sudden they hear this horrendous noise justin felt a car it was shaking a car and they thought a plane is gonna crash on them and it continued my father hold off to the side of the road they jumped out there was nothing around the noise just stopped instantly so that was the first experience but then i found out years later my uncle who remembered the whole band and thinking that my parents had been in a car accident because they came in late my father always knew it time he widow right and he was they were two hours late.

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