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The answer age and art airtel the answer is eight o'clock does this hour from told halda tom hubbard boston new new white house chief of staff acted swiftly in his first day removing the controversial new communications director resident trump hired anthony steer emoji a week and a half ago but after steer emojis profane outburst last week the president had a change of heart and chief of staff john kelly showed scare emoji the door the president certainly fouled uh that anthony's comments were inappropriate for a person in that position spokeswoman sarah sanders said removing scare emoji gives kelly a clean slate as he takes over the white house staff greg clugston washington ended a drop barbara's high praise for general john kelly follow his swear yet we just warren general kelly he will do a spectacular job i have no doubt as chief of staff kelly reason was head at the department of homeland security her british cortas blocked at exgenerals bed to prosecute tony blair for the iraq war iraqi general abdolwahid shallow of rabat had wanted to prosecute tony blair exforeign secretary jack straw an exattorney general logo smith alleging the former prime minister in particular who committed the crime of aggression by invading iraq in twenty three but the high court in britain since the wall the concept exists on the international law it doesn't exist in domestic low right now the us and britain what part of the coalition against iraq following accusations that president saddam hussein held weapons of mass destruction charles with asthma under the bureau said to supersonic bombers over the korean peninsula and a show of force against north korea following the country's latest intercontinental ballistic missile test saturday died feinstein tell cbs the north vessels held the trajectory which as of the latest analysis would enable it to go about six thousand miles and maybe even hit as far east as chicago north korea conducted their second icbm test friday died more these stories at town hall dot com why would you do with an extra five hundred dollars a month in your budget 500 bus this is an article by the way this is something you may need to think about very soon if he decided to become a member of next year netted here's a way to pay for your health care in typically it costs five hundred dollars lasse per month four family versus other healthcare plans so seriously think about this.

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