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W. J. traffic in the adult on motor group twenty four hour traffic center watching the triple a jam cams online it's our WWJ newsradio nine fifty or consider to see some clouds through the overnight hours tonight a load on the twenty six mostly cloudy tomorrow up to thirty six for an afternoon high toward the end of the evening commute tomorrow night we're going to start to see some snow move in that's no continue offered on into Thursday morning we can see tribulations of three to as much as six inches the highest amounts near in south of I ninety four low down to twenty nine tomorrow night mostly cloudy brisk and colder Thursday with a few snow showers I thirty four and that is you get to into Thursday nights after a drop of the single digits a very cold day Friday high just twenty one was sunshine and some clouds but this is a pretty brief cold snap we're back up to near thirty with some sunshine Saturday and back into the thirties on Sunday I'm accu weather meteorologist Brian Thompson on to PW changes running about fifty already thank you Brian it is currently thirty one degrees out at city airport under cloudy skies we've actually actually reach down to the twenties there in I believe in an Arbor your check in and this time around at twenty eight degrees under cloudy skies and over at metro airport good evening to you there in Romulus you're at twenty nine degrees and cloudy skies traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the aids your next update less than ten minutes away that's at eleven forty eight and if you miss everything seconds ago you can always check us online that's at W. W. J. news radio dot com when snow covered your drive traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the aids nine fifty W. W. Japan's health ministry says thirty nine new cases of a virus have been confirmed on the cruise ship that is quarantine at a Japanese port the update brings the total found on the diamond princess to one hundred and seventy four cases another new case was confirmed in an official who participated in the initial quarantine checks that night the ship returned to Yokohama port near a Tokyo on February the third Japanese health officials began medical checks on all the ships three thousand seven hundred passengers and crew after one previous passenger tested positive for the new virus the new cases bring Japan's told to two hundred and three people infected with the new virus C. O. V. six Colbert nineteen and the World Health Organization is using its strongest language yet calling the deadly coronavirus a very grave threat that could have more powerful consequences in the terrorist attack but as CBS's Carter Evans reports one group they have dodged a bullet medical masks were tossed in celebration when one hundred ninety five American evacuees were finally released after fourteen days under quarantine able March air reserve base south today's the last day we were heading home jerit Evans fled from Wuhan the epicenter of the corona virus are you concerned about how you might be accepted when you return home and on the back of my mind in San Diego health officials now confirm one of the passengers who arrived there on a flight last week is infected the patient is in the hospital and said to be doing well W. W. J. news time eleven forty two CBS I own veterans presented by university of Maryland global campus historian Jason Moran explains how a performance in France during World War one but the soldiers called the Harlem help fighters was the first time Europe heard jazz this story about when they arrived at Brest and and play a performance for the town that people start.

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