Boeing, Monique, FAA discussed on Seattle's Morning News


Queen Price at mattress firm Save up to $500 on top rated brands like Silly and Sleepy's. Your Cairo radio forecast calls for Sunshine today will see highs in the upper seventies much warmer than yesterday. Right now it's 55 in downtown Seattle. The opening bell now brought to you by Teela Mortgage. The FAA use investigating how Boeing employees handle safety issues. The agency tells the Wall Street Journal. The probe comes after some Boeing engineers reportedly said they face undue pressure bowling spokesperson says tells us the company is working to bolster the independence of employees who worked with the F A. Don't call. It followed just yet. But the spice of the season has arrived at Starbucks correspondent Dianne King Hall explain it's officially pumpkin spice season at Starbucks, the coffee chain says. Pumpkin Spice latte and its fall menu will be back today, marking its earliest return ever. Starbucks has sold more than 500 million PSL since the drink first at the menu in 2000 and three Pumpkin cream. Cold Brew is also joining the seasonal line up for the third straight year, checking Wall Street again. The Dow is up 39 44. Now it's up. 44 changing quickly there. The NASDAQ ahead 28. It is 6 35 when you know both sides of the story, and when you say things first hand you have the power to make choices that put you in control because if it keeps you safer saves you money helps your family. That's what matters. And that's why Cairo seven news is here, Joining Monique.

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