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Vic? Yes, I can you now finally. So there you go. All right. I was talking. I wanna bump music, stop them. That was. Well, that's right. All right. Well, I was just saying I'm sorry that you know. Pask was. Ask it was tough to control their and so we lost a little bit. I may have to put you on the front end of Thursday mornings, actually. But. Happy that to have somebody domestic to have these discussions not that, you know, not that they weren't great with Andrew Hawkins and with Pat Cummings. But it it was getting tough to make arrangements for the, you know, the late night chats with Andrew going back to Australia. So it's great to have you. You're you're probably one of the few people out there that. Are doing preview work for Shotton and Happy Valley and press Kyle. Yeah. I I think I might be the only one. Well deck. Let's catch. Everybody up the last conversation. We had we there was in December. And so we've got to kind of get up to speed right away with what's going on at the Hong Kong Jockey club and shot. And of course, yesterday Abby valley and looking forward to overnight Saturday that the the big house. Yes. What's happened? In the meantime, the Hong Kong Jockey club is high of Michelle Fisher to represent them over here. And she is going through a lot of logistical challenges. Trying to get some uniformity with that types with various things that the eighty ws a doing with Hong Kong, and I think it's going to result in month much much wider precision of Hong Kong race and hopefully much much more business on them. So as she goes through that challenge my challenges to educate American batters on on racing and believe me, I can't compete with Android 'cause I read and stuff, and I'm like hacking anyone right? This much on these raisins, but that said, and it's still available on various website. What what I'm trying to do is get the people over here who we might encourage the tune in watch Hong Kong racing. Either early in the night later in the early morning. It's just what what are you looking at you see a lot of numbers on the top for number one. And then big numbers. And if I can't all be long shots. They can't they can't pay eighty dollars to win. Well, the Hong Kong minimum bet is ten dollars. So so looks more than it is. And and Hong Kong like most Trent must most racing jurisdictions around the world, they base their prices purely on the odds and the state is figured and so in other words yesterday's last race, the Dallas seventy two one and on towboat it said seventeen dollars. So for us that would be three forty. But when we see dollar seventy two one we see five forty weeks, we see. Two times dollar seventy plus two dollars. Well, there's no plus two dollars plus mistake in their prices. So that's first thing that used the second thing because of the currency differential. You basically dividing the numbers you see by seven some of the things some of the bed types that you've seen over here dollar thirty type beds for Cornell win beds things like that. So that that part not that difficult shells working on a bunch of things to try to streamline that and make uniform for the new saints. So we were working on that. And it's it's into process because the the great thing is by doing it this way the easy way to set up your own bedding, and just do whatever you want..

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