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I'm studying facebook live because i could not do it while mimicking the fine waitstaff of serve while vander pump rules in detroit you so a couple of crazy things happened this week someone tweeted us abbas whatever young people era like maybe you should post that first episode that you guys recorded vander pop rules i don't remember that well i went back into the archives that's i went back in the archives because like well you know that show the show started what two thousand thirteen who's been watching van approval since the very beginning so have we this is emergency no god ronnie one calling emergency services guess what they never come i'm not the only fucking idiot you know how many people who have been burned alive because i phone people are like this it's romney even don't send a truck now you see now like please keep calling the phone right now okay so no facebook live tonight our everyone said the reason i didn't remember it is because i was not there that day i'm miss the first episode of andhra prempeh rules on the podcast okay i was not even there the first thing i remember is coming back and i was like why are you guys making me watch shit i'm not watching this bullshit i mean i'm aware in hollywood so gross i hate those skinny fuckers it's always a fat one running behind him sweating all over everybody actually waiting tables and anybody who's ever eaten in that town knows to be true.

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