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And I just I guess I I didn't realize I wasn't in the right places to figure that out. But I had a very liberal and open experienced growing up for me. It's more like it's just hot one hundred twenty degrees every day. Really? Yeah. That aspect I don't I don't like I don't like feeling like I could lay on the cement and like actually burn alive. Right, right. Yeah. Any any climate word like the weather manner cracking eggs on the sidewalk to prove a point. It's like man, maybe human shouldn't be living here. Now, you need oven mitts in your car. I believe that even in Chicago. I'm from Chicago. And like, yeah. Cars the seat belts in cars is like the number one cause of my discomfort through like the entirety of summer as you touch that thing once, and it's like you have scars there are there are actual scars on my body because of because of seat belts so sorry, and I blame Arizona even though I never been there until like a year ago. So you you started off as an actress of of the theater, right? And you started like pretty young, right? I don't even know what age. I I wanna say like I I was probably about five. But because it was whenever I got my first album, and I'm pretty sure it was selene Dion. Uh-huh. The falling into you might was the album, and I was obsessed with it. And I think because I was obsessed with it and obsessed with her obsessed with their accent and just like imitating so much. My parents were like, maybe she should channel this energy. Elsewhere, not in the home. Because I was crazy. I was like literally blasting the music and doing impressions of sleepy on. So what an idol for a five year old? I know and you can hear it Ryan like. I definitely take. I see it. You are the very presence of selene you. You. I'll I went to see her in Vegas. It was an experience of a lifetime. How long ago was this or recent? I think it was last year says soon enough to still to still feel in your heart. Oh, yeah. I felt it are you love that selene Dion has now become like, a not a parody of herself. But just like she is she's now a heightened version of Cillian Diaz. She could just like ball into the character of selene Dion. I know I love it. I just love watching her. There was a whole like maybe thirty to forty five minute part of the show where she just stopped the music in talked. About nothing either. Like, I don't even know what it was about. But we were all like laughing and laughing and then it like sorta got uncomfortable. And then I guess some person whispered in your ear piece. Someone's like jests. Personally, I would love to just watch a selene Dion like stand set, you know, thirty minute freestyle. I do there's that scene in you know, how to lose a guy in ten days where she she takes him to a selene Dion concert in an attempt to like get rid of him. And like that is because that is the embodiment of like how to get rid of a straight dude is like him to us selene Dion concert, which is outrageous. Is she bestows joy on everybody. Yeah. I mean, I I don't understand that at all. I brought my boyfriend actually did who wouldn't I think that her song for the dead pool? Soundtrack is like one of my top ten songs right now. Now, I don't know it. Ashes, okay. Gun. Ana San was lift to city e sprayers. Just listen to it after I promised. And the music video is also amazing because it's like deadpool, dancing, ballerina style. While selene Dionne just does a ballot. I'm watching that. I'm glad we already got onto the topic of Celine. Dion. Not so back to sleep. It was the embodiment of selene that you were like I need to I need to channel this energy. Aunt you a creative outlet can become this five year old teeny tiny Asian girl. Just embodying selene going up. Oh, you know what? My first audition auditioned for Snow White and the seven dwarfs. I auditioned with a Sunset Boulevard song. That was sung by Glenn Close. With one look, it's so dramatic. It's so epic. And I I sing that for my dopey edition..

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