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But what are they taking on are you taking on too much when you do that and maybe beckham and maybe odell beckham yeah so bill plaski had the line that i love he called him the legion of google which is pretty good ken you're taking a huge risk but i think it's a risk worth taking because that locker room is really solid if you've ever been in there and have not there it's a it's a very sort of cohesive unit that i think can handle any type of personality and that coaches the same way he's very good at handling that type of thing but there's no question it's a big risk but it's worth it i mean su be she put him next to aaron donald that's like almost unfair peters is a really talented player to leave as a future hall of famer who can still play the these are not they didn't get guide in the last year of their of their nfl lives who can't play anymore her struck these are they got to lead can still play sue can still play and peers as young it's a they add these guys to mix of already highly talented team has todd gurley on it it's it's a risk worth taking and they're going to be a force and that it's funny that whole that visit out turns into an arms race between the niners and them yes and it's gonna be really fun to visit a watch with the seahawks also it's fun i mean that division is going to be is going to be like the nfc when we were back in the day coming in the eighties and the nineties where you had the giants and washington and philly and that's what it's going to be like now in the nfc west you on the watch but i think.

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