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It's 9 31. I'm Jeff Mon, Here's our top story. Coronavirus in Arizona. Nearly 300 new coronavirus Steps reported today. Many due to death certificate matching 197 deaths exactly reported today. 238 or due to death certificate matching. This is the second time this week that Arizona has set a new daily death report record 9913 new cases and more than 15,700 new diagnostic tests for report. This morning Coronavirus Hospital metrics continued to rise. Taylor Kenter up key to our news. The latest surge of covert 19 patients is stressing banner hospitals there. Chief clinical officer Dr Marjorie Vessel says that times they've had to put two patients in one room. Elective surgeries have also been halted and nurses they're having to take on more patients. We have continued to stretch to create, if you will sort of artificial capacity in our hospitals to care for those who need us, she says. Statewide mandates like mask wearing an No indoor dining could help ease the strain on hospitals reaction now from an expert in security and intelligence on what went wrong, Katia ours Alley Ventnor joins us live with what he has to say about yesterday's incident on Capitol Hill. Failed to plan or plan to fail. That's what 30 Year veteran of the FBI in former Secret service agent Steve Hooper tells Mike Broom head show didn't have a plan that was commensurate with the number of people they anticipated. Maybe being approaching the building resource is there. Certainly there. It may have been a plan issue, and that's probably what they're gonna be looking at. Cooper says. The Secret Service is not protect the capital House members or senators. Rather, they protect just the vice president in president. Getting the Capitol Police were in charge Reporting live. I'm Allie Ventnor. Katya, our news new this morning. President Trump's Instagram and Facebook are now suspended indefinitely. In a statement from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, he says after the riots of the U S Capitol yesterday, allowing the president access to these accounts is too great of a risk. Social media platforms, took down multiples of Trump's post yesterday for violating their policies in an update on traffic.

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