Mr Trump, Mexico, Secretary discussed on Townhall Weekend Journal


Dennis prager delivers the news you will not hear anywhere else the vast majority of americans don't know the things that i report for you every day they have no idea of what is happening berzici ninety nine percent of the country blessed nobody of this stuff quite that quite the problem that's why we have to make this stuff middle but dennis prager show weekdays at noon on fm one l one point five and am 1410 the patriot welcome back to the town hall review i'm dennis prager in for hugh hewitt russia conspiracy collusion and treason is a topic that will not miss hearing about when and if the various investigations are over thus far we've had trump campaign staffers indicted general michael flynn's plea of guilty of presidential candidate other investigation and now another name has surfaced green party presidential candidate dr jill stein who won less than 1 percent of the vote in 2016 is also wonder investigation before the senate intelligence committee here's my salem colleague michael medved let me tell you what i heard i heard this i yesterday and then i have been able to dig out some more information about it but there does appear to be extraordinarily strong evidence of collusion between one of the presidential campaign's and the russians and no i'm not talking about the trump campaign i yes yes yes there's evidence against paul manafort he looks about as guilty as sinn there's evidence against his says he had a richard gates uh george pompidou topless has already pleaded guilty michael flynn has already pleaded guilty but this involves the candidate herself and no one not talking about hillary clinton i'm talking about jill stein now all the people running for president we had not just two of the worst candidates ever in my opinion we had four of the worst candidates africa's usually if you have two candidates were very controversial and very weak and i that was certainly true for secretary clinton will certainly true of mr trump uh if you have two candidates are very weak daily some of the third and fourth party candidates are appealing but do you remember what of bozo gary johnson was the former governor in mexico i appreciate the fact they came on the.

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