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Bloomberg television this is a Bloomberg money minute investors kept their eyes on the economy shrugging off further tension with China and spreading civil unrest stocks finished with modest gains the Dow Jones industrial average climbed ninety two the S. and P. five hundred rose eleven the nasdaq added sixty two blue apron had a big day Oct twenty nine percent after it announced a partnership with celebrity chef Tim Hollingsworth the partnership adds five new recipes to blue apron summer meal kit offerings U. S. manufacturing has begun the long climb back from its covert nineteen plunge the institute for supply management's factory index rose in may for the first time in four months but it is not yet returned to a level which indicates growth Barclays will begin returning about seven hundred workers two offices in the US UK and India starting next month Moster traders and others who cannot work from home sources say they comprise less than one percent of the bank's total head count Larry coffee Bloomberg radio the possibility of lung cancer.

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