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James's Rookie Greenwood's rookie mitre can get around the field and you've got the dynamic jewel naught and the middle of the park of March and mic told me I was going to break down the oddsmakers however shank Shenk do not share our pessimism about United they still very much odds-on to win thirty seven to two unless the city would initially free to one on the Georgia they they have it right the automakers. I don't think so I think this is more reflective of much united fans. Being having a sit in a multi conference are on their team which only funds could explain on. Let's look at it this lester who started this he's slowly responded have won their last two in the league and most impressively evolved are in my mytalk ten of which you know well that takes takes some a lot of engineering so that's all you need to know about less city but AH to teach point. Let's give this off to the given where the given what they did a few seasons ago and maybe thinking maybe not do the same it can can emulate that go into Old Trafford see that as a possible line up you are not afraid of anything that united have to have to offer need. He did no such worries for the leaders Manchester City and Liverpool fuel with us little earlier in the week you might have seen Craig and Steve The you know need the fashion that they can. This is about the title ought to be affected by LaPorte injury for Manchester City Shit. He hasn't done too much damage just yet so the ten to twenty nine on a little more than two into one pet quandialla in saying today that LaPorte could be out for up to five to six months considerably longer than perhaps I thought to each it's to have an impact. Doesn't it yeah I think they look a man light now. In central defence I mean if they've known what was going to happen to the poor I think they've gone on somebody else in the summer but he's out now until January February companies go on of course to do the plan amounted just job at and electric is still with having him around so stones' fit it I understand for tomorrow's game at Norwich so it'll be probably him and author Mendy in central defence and they bet the pray the neither of those to get injured because what happens if they do they might have to move car walker into central defence. I might even have to play in Schenker in Central Defensive Move Fan and dino back there. That's probably more likely but there's not much room for error. That's the problem for Manchester City. They'll be okay at Norwich tomorrow but there's not many rooms for slip-ups because last season Liverpool only he lost one game so he does. I think thicken the plot a bit said he deserved to be favored as they are given given the Lepore Injury Situation Shire go the other way I in preseason. I thought city will favorites to win a right now but given the polls injury I make a Liverpool I adjust feeling as good as city on especially going forward and maybe you don't have to rely on your defenders all that much when you have the ability to school five and six city t- seemed to do every time they step on the that that catches up to you that unseated had the back I think takes a tool and everybody else on the field. The only thing for me that that maybe dense Liverpool chances in that regard is that this Alisyn injury is more serious than it seems but given what we're hearing from you can club over the last day go to and that he should be back in another month. I I'm changing allegiances here or Liverpool. Get the Premier League we can going against Newcastle the game no oh youtube very fond of for historical reasons but talking of Livable and History Steve Thirty years ago today mcmahan Rush Gillespie Big Xlii allardyce bonds heison and then nickel again. Oh Meiring nil what remains the largest ever talk by wing remains the only game where one club had eight different goal stores. You know the thing as it should have been more it could have been a fourteen or fifteen keeping our go beat nineteen. He meets the foreign credit bulbs golf the lion the bodies in the way I mean we don't we get the street eight different goalscorers and the only person who is very old stevie nickel and he got the first and the lot to box at the last. I I remember it well he and I don't I don't know if you do September nine hundred eighty nine nine nothing yeah just about. I mean those golden days when Liverpool seem to win the title every year. I mean who thought that all those years aren't they still won the title again I mean I think you said that to anybody back then they'd have taken you away many white coats to come along for US aways go. Maybe this is the year again for the was the star of the lashed season. They want it very suppling by the way with no keep it. I remember one now. The goalkeeping coach Bud Dot Com in Chicago style Internet. Wherever this is this is this is how the League we shapes up Livable Newcastle getting you get to old started men's city nor she to the lady game on Saturday and then hostile the only one of the big boys in action on Sunday? Johnny got a twig offset when he was three and from that day on when he was hooked all he wanted to do was Gulf Gulf Gulf he'd be on links before school after schools all he ever wanted was to go pro and then one day when he was holding his grandson and thinking about his twelve handicap. Johnny realized it just might not happen for him but you know what did happen for him. He switched to Geigo saved a bunch of money on car insurance so that was good and so was hanging out with his grandson. Now the Bundesliga standings heading against the weekend rb Leipzig talked with the pile by Munich in third place Wolfsburg where an action on that Friday so jumped above in that department but it is I guess third I'll be taken by Munich their first meeting of the season the late game on Saturday in Germany Gab Marconi with this guy but if you will do me a favor I'd like to recalibrate the Gab to measure your excitement levels so on that basis just how fired up for this one look I mean I I'm I'm very excited for this because while Leipzig as a club and as an entity aren't particularly likable for for many reasons the football they play is pretty remarkable. They're tremendous storylines. It seems like Julia Inaugu one having been passed over by Byron Munich depending what version you believe us either passed over but by Munich or he didn't want to go to Munich and you know he's he's. He's got like taking over really really nicely getting the best out of out of Christopher Kuku. Obviously a mill force Berg is is I think back at the level he was a few years ago but pre injury and Rita row and they'd love nothing more than to smack Biron around and push it out to to a five point gap and a lot of people were saying well. Maybe this is bullshit Dortmund's year maybe in the run-up to to the season kind of overlooking Leipzig a little bit but what we've seen so far they have the tools in place to create real problems for buying that said Biron still evolving. We Shock Chino really contribute last time around. I still have questions about where he's GonNa fit how that Could Union Miller dichotomy is going to work itself out. Are we going to both of them. On the pitch at some point and obviously Kovic screws are turning on him the way they have done really for the last six months is by the w one last year so tons of storylines tons at stake. I think it's possibly the game of the weekend interesting like looking for a little revenge as well from from that German Cup final defeat the make as though have buying as distinct favorites to win they all zone go to Leipzig and get the victory tree this is what this weekend looks like a full slate across ESPN plus and that game on ESPN news it all starts thoughts but the early game. It's GonNa Rival this one Fiorentina and you venture some great encounters over the is that gap all. It's not that well perhaps in the vintage camp. Let's talk about the mood there because emory Chan lift out of the champions. These quoted played no men's either. He's not even going to revoke golf tomorrow. So how would you assess the mood jared. Look I think the worst so some some alarm bells a little a bit when you're three hundred up at home and your opponent gets back into it do the business with Sean and manage obviously a lot of it is is down to the fact that they weren't included in the in the Champions League squad that was just poor planning poor execution from you vendors who found themselves with too many. I don't think it's necessarily going to be an issue. Who is this season whereas on it's not like these guys can't play magic has been linked with moves elsewhere? I don't think anything's GONNA happen until the New Year anyway but you know these guys they'll still play. They'll play in Syria and and as long as a team is willing the big question mark is Ken Modern Society Kenny execute his rotation the way he wants it the way he needs to to keep everybody happy because of course as as Chelsea Napoli fans know all too well. This is not a guy I who rotates very much at all ever Well Different Soda Question Facing Napoli Ahead of the game. Is that SAM will they be able to get changed this was the footage was Shoji yesterday from the dressing room with a lot of work still to be done remember they had played the Games on the road to allow the dressing room to give all of a sudden look at this twenty four hours later magic finished gleaming in the same place that remarkable overnight transformation tell you those woodman in Naples something I'll tell you what God is is everything sweetness and light now in Naples I mean surely as far as the dressing room is concerned Yeah the stadium to what they were doing is they were refurbishing parts of the stadium which stadium of course owned by the city and it's something that they wanted to do for a while it'll be it is usually what happens in this game in seeing I think is is unlikely to start as well so I'm going to have to come up with with solutions there. ah the question is what happened Interin. Is that cost how fuller glass-half-empty for me it's glass half full. It showed that once they start playing that they can compete the question is his French. Is You know you gotTa make sure that you start playing from the first minute but on paper is going to be the toughest fixture that Napoli face all season long and say meanwhile gap so far so good inter two wins out of two they play Oud NASC- at Rome lukasz makers two goals in two games and racially abused having a little Dig Majesty ninety as well. What have you made the stunt Mkaku? I mean it's pretty remarkable arguable because he was obviously built up. I thought almost excessively so as if he was like some combination of Michael of Boston Ian Rush and wail rolled into one but his attitude fantastic the way he's he's really formed the bond with his supporters with his teammates. He said all the right things. He's pretty bright guy obviously the horrendous episode that he went through in Naples. You know he took it. He he took it in stride and he took it while speaking out the next day about the importance of it and then not necessarily dwelling on it so popularity is only gone up the danger is that with it comes maybe unrealistic expectations but let's not forget leaving aside the eighteen months he had a united. This is a guy who has always scored a ton of goals in his show and fell as written an excellent article on Rome Lukashenko and his mission to prove Manchester United Wrong can read that much on our website. SPNFZ DOT com the race truly on for the MLS ploughs moves teams only have four or five games left this weekend full slate starting at Yankee Anki Stadium at twelve thirty eastern on ESPN plant Saturday.

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