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Flynn, Washington, Berkeley discussed on Morning Edition


We'll take the time necessary to dig until he's satisfied for now he scheduled a hearing for mid July in the meantime Flynn's lawyers have filed an emergency petition to try to force someone to dismiss the case Ryan Lucas NPR news Washington it's morning edition from NPR news next up on morning edition the changes in energy consumption across our country because of the pandemic shutdowns that the details of that story just ahead on this Friday morning Michael St ninety minutes after four we have a major traffic slow down through Berkeley let's say good morning to Peter finch and get details yes good morning Michael this is westbound eighty before Gillman reports that the right lane is blocked by an injury crash involving a big rig in a vehicle on its side there is a separate report though that between university and and the next exit there that there may have been an accident in which a pedestrian was struck and killed whatever the case the upshot is westbound eighty even this time in the morning very slow between Gilman and university I'm Peter finch for KQED I'm Scott Shafer later today on form.

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