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I grew up in a town in Arkansas smaller than the exposed part of this stage. And I was small and strange because I stopped talking from the time I was seven and a half until I was serving a have. The CADENCE IS UNMISTAKABLE IT only takes a few words to know when you're listening to the Voice of Maya Angelou. I was known to be weird, but. Black Americans didn't call me weird. At people, seamy in the. Road. My grandmother owned most of the land behind the town. Most the land, the poor whites lived on most of the land. The blacks lived on the only black owned store in the town, and so people had many reasons to be angry with Mama. Since Mama was severe, so people disliked my grandmother. I understand that. They'd see me on the street and say. It's a shame. Since the Hendersons California granddaughter Don Don Mental. Are Shame Sister Hannah Sons California. Granddaughter, you know. So they didn't actually say I was weird, but I was pretty weird and two. I am the that however Mama explained to me all the time system. Mulmino care what these people say about you being Etiebet? Back to being a moron. Mama know when you and the good Lord get ready. Sister you to be a preacher. Used to sit there and think poor, ignorant and Mama. I mean really. I will never speak. What does she mean? Preach Oh what a shame and disappointment! Mama has in store for her. Well. She didn't exactly become a preacher, but her mother was right. Words became her divine instrument, her poems, her memoirs, and her performances, a kind of Benediction my Angelo, who died in two thousand, fourteen was a sage, and officially a national treasure President Obama gave her the two thousand ten presidential medal of freedom when he introduced her, he mentioned that his own sister was named after her, and he said Angelo head risen with unbending determination, and spoken to the conscience of our nation by holding onto her humanity, inspired countless others who have known injustice and misfortune in their own lives. I won't try to say it better than my Angelou herself. Who wrote that history? Despite its wrenching pain cannot. Be On lift. In the face with courage. Need not be lived again. Lift Up. Your eyes upon the day breaking for you. Give birth again to the drink. This is what it takes a podcast about passion, vision and perseverance from the Academy of Achievement on this episode we mind the academy's vast of recordings to bring you my Angelo..

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