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Most haunted house in williamsburg which says a lot because all of colonial williamsburg vac nana's haunted right two of the windows glow with with no light sources just see them going in the middle of the night and the curtains will move on their own looks like a little kid is playing with it from the bottom in yanking it left and right really fast or like junipers just like or like there's a cat they're how creepy so there's one woman named helen and she was a schoolteacher in the sixties and she's in the pain randolph house and she slept in the room that has read oakpanelled walls in k apparently a lot of people have had activity in this room bounce fancy she woke up in the middle of the night to someone calling out her name saying helen helen ellen you hot justice creepy i'm assuming so it gets louder and louder each time she saw at the foot of her bed that there was a woman in the shadows and she thought it was her hostess who you mentioned this kind of scarier on its own i feel like she was trying to use that as an excuse but like that makes it worse but i mean your first logical thought would be like oh it's someone is in the house but also like magic near an airbnb and chris seen really no less beat host saying give me a good review almost be like i hope that's a fucking ghost please go exactly it'd be like i hope you are not alive if you are a real human your dog a murder me right it's like okay so i'm officially going dead right these are the last minutes i always were wondering about always wondering i was always wondering what the last minutes would be and news airbnb so anyway so the woman that she saw she realized it wasn't her hostess because she was wearing an eighteenth century model up great and night clothing that matched and so she said very briefly what is it that you want and at that moment the clouds happen to separate next on the window so.

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