Bank Of England, NPC, MPC discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak Europe


You have the Internet You see we pick up quite a lot of commentary which matched your survey So obviously it's pretty close And my view would be yeah it was pretty close It is a very very finely balanced situation Now markets You know I think as you can tell from the commentary we made today right direction some bit overdone But in my view there can be There's quite a lot of traders When you look at some of the analyst notes that say look if NPC members had not spoken so much over the past month market pricing would have been aligned with the statement So would MPC remarks be more valuable if they were less frequent Well I do take that with a fair pinch of salt because we get comment at other times if the MPC doesn't speak Then you know markets get no guide So now of course we don't speak to guide markets but that way I mean the markets must drop what conclusions they work from what we say So I honestly take that with a fair pinch of salt What I would say is that I think we have seen a correction in markets From the pricing we saw over the summer particularly And I have to be honest with you I'm not surprised about that It puzzled me at the time to see that pricing So that was the Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey saying he's puzzled by what the markets did speaking to Bloomberg's fasting lap while there after the Bank of England held interest rates at .1% So December 16th What happens do we see an interest rate rise or does it get pushed off until next year the forecast now form the Bank of England It's a 5% inflation in April next year So prices are surging in the UK but it was a real surprise for markets not to get the rate rise that they had very much anticipated after weeks of commentary around the Central Bank decision from policymakers here in the UK coming up next on Bloomberg daybreak Europe British Airways parent company IAG posted a loss of 485 million for the summer quarter but it was less than markets expected will dive into the airline operator.

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